Wednesday, October 30, 2013

It's Been A Long Time

Wow, it's been awhile hasn't it??

Yup, almost a month since I've been chatting with you guys on here. Sorry to go all MIA on you guys but life has been busy.

Unfortunately not in a good way. My grandfather passed away suddenly a month ago. This year has been very difficult in many ways along with my uncle's death in May.

So since life has been crazy busy that has left me little time for blogging. And I started a new job this week so that has been taking up alot of time.

So I'm taking a blogging break. I love blogging, it was a great fun way to capture everyday life experiences. I hope I can come back to it eventually!

It's been fun!


Saturday, October 5, 2013

Blogger Safety

Have you all downloaded the new ios7 software update yet? When it first finished downloading I was completely lost. The new software is so much more like an android phone. I thought that's what made them different in the first place?....

Anyway did you know when you use your camera and then post a photo online, people can track where you are? Kind of scary isn't it. I made sure to turn that location setting off right away. Here's how: Go to utilities----->settings----->privacy----->location services----->camera off.

Technology is a great thing, but comes along with a loss of privacy.

But back to blogging, I think blogger safety isn't talked about too much when someone is researching how to start a blog. The main topics are how to increase readership, self hosting, or working with brands.

Here are some things I don't blog about to maintain my privacy.
  • I never mention what town I live in. Long Island is pretty big.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Lifting Frustrations

Hey! Happy Friday. The weekend kind of snuck up on me this week. For some reason everyday was dragging on this week and felt like Monday!

Once I'm done typing this post up, I'm heading to the gym for a chest and back workout.

It's my fourth day of weight training (back to my usual 4 day split) this week after my injury. I have to say this week has been a bit disappointing. I think everyone feels some frustration when they come back to something after 4 months away, whether it's by choice or by injury.

It's just frustrating to have to use such small weights compared to what I was doing. I feel like I'm just going through the motions of my workouts.

But then I realized every workout you do is not going to the most amazing intense workout ever. Not every workout will you hit a new personal record. Not every workout needs to be your personal best.

Every workout I've done I've waited four long months to complete. Even if they're not crazy PR's, at least I know I did my best that day. That's all you can do, put your best efforts into your workouts.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Trail Time

For my workout yesterday I headed to the trails for a run.

I go through phases with running where I love it and then I hate it. Right now I'm in a love it stage so I'm just going to go with it.

Don't let the changing leaves fool you, it was 85 degrees yesterday. I went in the afternoon so it was at least a bit cooler. One of the reasons I chose those specific trails it's mostly shaded the whole way through.

About halfway into my run I passed two ladies jogging. One of them stopped and said" hi, no gym today?" This took me by surprise because I had no idea who they were haha! Apparently they've seen me working out. The funny part is I've only been there twice since my knee has heeled.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Chemex Coffee

This isn't a typical What I Ate Wednesday in which I usually share a full day of eats with you all. Instead today's version will be What I Drank Wednesday....

And no, it doesn't involve alcohol.

Last Friday before Troy and I headed over to see the new puppy, we stopped at a local coffee shop. Troy heard about this Chemex coffee they have and wanted to try it out. For someone who has never heard of or seen it before, it kind of looks like they're making drugs out of that coffee shop.

By using the Chemex filter the coffee is brewed and held at a temperature of 180-200°F to avoid chemically altering the taste and making the coffee bitter. The filters remove undesirable oils and particles that usually pass through a normal filter. In turn the infusion gives the coffee a richer flavor.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Craving Yoga

A good part of yesterday was solely dedicated to cleaning. I fully believe you either love cleaning or you hate it, there is no in between. I fall into the latter category so my house was long overdue for a good clean.

I even managed to put all my summer clothes away. Goodbye shorts! Even when I try to look nice in the summer, I feel like summer clothes never look cute. Give me cozy sweaters, boots & scarves, and lots of layers.

If you're never used those vacuum seal storage bags before, you should try them! They are a lifesaver for anyone that doesn't have a ton of closet space. My closet is decent sized but my winter clothes tend to be 1,000 times larger than my summer outfits. So I vacuum seal them and slide them right under my bed.

Whenever I clean I love throwing things away. I tend to keep items I no longer wear for a long time. Sometimes they still have their tags on them from 3 years ago haha! Lots of clothes went to goodwill!

Monday, September 30, 2013

We Didn't Start The Fire

Good morning Monday! How was everyone's weekend? My weekend absolutely flew by so fast, but filled with lots of fun stuff! It was a marvelous one for sure.
Friday night both of us headed over to see a family friend's new puppy.

 Seriously, how cute is this little girl? Look at that face!

To me she looks like a boxer/hound mix. She's only 3 months old, but thinks she is a lot bigger. The sticks she was carrying around with were bigger than her haha. We were tempted to steal her ;)

Saturday morning started off early with a hot 30 minute walk with Wish. Then it was off to do lots of work outside for my grandparents. Moving the huge (and buggy) wood pile for two hours is hard work. So I got some cardio and lifting in that day.