Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Chemex Coffee

This isn't a typical What I Ate Wednesday in which I usually share a full day of eats with you all. Instead today's version will be What I Drank Wednesday....

And no, it doesn't involve alcohol.

Last Friday before Troy and I headed over to see the new puppy, we stopped at a local coffee shop. Troy heard about this Chemex coffee they have and wanted to try it out. For someone who has never heard of or seen it before, it kind of looks like they're making drugs out of that coffee shop.

By using the Chemex filter the coffee is brewed and held at a temperature of 180-200°F to avoid chemically altering the taste and making the coffee bitter. The filters remove undesirable oils and particles that usually pass through a normal filter. In turn the infusion gives the coffee a richer flavor.

The verdict- Troy chose a Peru coffee bean and loved every sip of it. On the other hand, I thought the coffee tasted gritty and super strong. This coffee is a 10 minute process so if you're in a rush in the morning, this wouldn't be your go-to drink. The barista was explaining how usually only coffee shop regulars order it.

My drink of choice was a vanilla latte. I'm used to Starbuck's one and this one was SO much sweeter.

 It was good, just more a dessert drink. I loved all the delicious foam!

Have you ever heard of or tried Chemex coffee?


  1. You should get a puppy if you don't already have a dog. I miss your wiaw regular posts. :( Maybe another day.

  2. There is a few places nearby that do this. After thinking it was amazing, my bf bought a chemex. However, he hardly uses it due to a french press being much easier in the mornings, haha!

    1. Haha I was actually looking up how expensive they were this morning. I probably would use something faster in the morning too!

  3. There are some hipster places that do it in Chicago! I prefer my Keurig, it's way faster. :)

    1. Yes the coffee shop we went to caters to trendy people!


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