Thursday, October 3, 2013

Trail Time

For my workout yesterday I headed to the trails for a run.

I go through phases with running where I love it and then I hate it. Right now I'm in a love it stage so I'm just going to go with it.

Don't let the changing leaves fool you, it was 85 degrees yesterday. I went in the afternoon so it was at least a bit cooler. One of the reasons I chose those specific trails it's mostly shaded the whole way through.

About halfway into my run I passed two ladies jogging. One of them stopped and said" hi, no gym today?" This took me by surprise because I had no idea who they were haha! Apparently they've seen me working out. The funny part is I've only been there twice since my knee has heeled.

Everything was so pretty this time of the year. Even though I renewed my gym membership, my cardio days will most likely be done outside until it gets colder. Fall is so quick, I might as well get outside while I can to enjoy the fresh air. Let's just hope it goes back down to normal October temperatures for NY!

I posted this photo on Instagram last night and Melissa commented how she loves Saucony sneakers too! It really is true Saucony is very underrated in the running world. I've gone hiking in them a couple times and they're perfect for that too. The rubber on the bottom provides lots of support especially during trail runs where it's rocky. Also I love the mesh around the top of the sneaker. Your foot stays cool instead of getting sweaty & stinking up your sneakers.

I've been using Saucony for 6 years now and love them!

What is your favorite workout sneaker?

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