Friday, October 4, 2013

Lifting Frustrations

Hey! Happy Friday. The weekend kind of snuck up on me this week. For some reason everyday was dragging on this week and felt like Monday!

Once I'm done typing this post up, I'm heading to the gym for a chest and back workout.

It's my fourth day of weight training (back to my usual 4 day split) this week after my injury. I have to say this week has been a bit disappointing. I think everyone feels some frustration when they come back to something after 4 months away, whether it's by choice or by injury.

It's just frustrating to have to use such small weights compared to what I was doing. I feel like I'm just going through the motions of my workouts.

But then I realized every workout you do is not going to the most amazing intense workout ever. Not every workout will you hit a new personal record. Not every workout needs to be your personal best.

Every workout I've done I've waited four long months to complete. Even if they're not crazy PR's, at least I know I did my best that day. That's all you can do, put your best efforts into your workouts.
When I was injured I worried about gaining weight since I barely could do any exercise. I probably ate a ton more ice cream over the summer than I normally do. Most likely since I was bored and I don't crave ice cream when it's cooler out. The funny part is I actually lost weight (not alot, but around 3 lbs), but my body fat increased. So this means even though I lost weight, I lost 3lbs of muscle. So now I'm increasing my calories to get that muscle back on. It's just another reminder to never pay attention to what the scale says.

So this week I've learned you can only do your best and that's good enough for me. I will get back to my heavy lifting slowly, but surely :)

Off to the gym! Have a good weekend! Any fun plans?

Nothing on the agenda so far for tonight, but I have a birthday party tomorrow!


  1. I've been there before as well. I stopped lifting or doing weights as often due to my shoulder/neck injury from many many many years ago. Basically lifting just aggravates and makes my shoulders hurt. So I just decided to stop all together...which is a bad thing. I started doing bodypump again and was shocked at how weak my upper body was. Just shows that I cannot give it up completely....instead just lift lighter weights!

  2. Hang in there! You will get stronger and stronger and get back to where you were in no time!


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