Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Favorites- Makeup Edition

It's been awhile since I've done a round up of my Friday Favorites. This week I am bringing it back: makeup edition!

Here's a peek into my makeup bag of some beauty items I've been loving lately.

The Too Faced naked eye shadow palette. It is a bit pricey but you get 12 different shades all in one.  I love all warm bronze tones and have been using them daily.
After hearing literally everyone going crazy for this Sugar chapstick/lip gloss, I knew I needed to try it out. As a girl who owns probably around 15 different chapsticks, I love trying new ones. I do like it, but have to be careful because it melts fast in hot weather.
While I was at Sephora I picked up a Benefit mascara. Since I wear glasses it makes it harder to see my eyelashes so this mascara really helps to define them. The brush can be tricky at first to get used to.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Quite A Scare

Yesterday morning started out with quite a scare which left me icing my ankle for the whole day.
Somehow when I was getting out of the shower I grabbed my towel and the entire towel rack collapsed. This lead me to falling completely down out of the bathtub. My ankle and my other knee (the non fractured one THANK GOD) got stuck in the tub while the rest of me was on the floor.

Oh boy, what a scene that was. Luckily it seems like I just bruised the bone on my foot. And have a super nasty bruise on the back of my knee that is super sore. Another one of those I have no idea how that just happened moments.

Ahhh but no serious damage done! Not to me Debbie Downer today, the rest of the day went fairly well. Troy, my awesome nurse, even cooked me lunch. That boy doesn't cook for nothing so I was extra grateful he cooked me some eggs.
I enjoyed them over easy style with some toast. The warm toast was loaded up with real butter. Yummy.
And welcome back the Starbucks pumpkin spice latte! Who am I kidding, I'm sure you guys heard all about it on Twitter yesterday. Some people I heard had to say a certain code or something, but I just asked and they said it was back. It is so creamy like a dessert. Almost felt like fall except it was a hot and humid 85 degrees and I was sweating while I drank it. Fall is almost here!
I'll be house sitting for family for awhile so as soon as I hit publish I'll be heading over there. Hope your Thursday is going well!

***Anyone else ready for fall? I'm not a fan of the heat at all!
***Pumpkin yes, no? Yes to all things pumpkin

No More Crutches

Hello and good afternoon!

Notice anything different?.....
No more crutches! Woo-hoo!!! When I heard the doctor say I don't use those things anymore, I almost jumped right out of the chair with happiness.

My x-ray came back perfect and I don't have anymore pain. I think the key to it healing so fast was really trying my best to stay off of it. So my brace still has to stay on when I leave the house for another month. After a month of physical therapy, then I will be cleared for exercise!

I am counting down the days haha!

Since I was such a good patient my doctor gave me a lollipop. Just kidding, my mom actually did. Wouldn't that be awesome if adults got lollipops still?!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Healthy Sweet And Sour Chicken

For some reason I have a really hard time eating vegetables at lunch time. Dinner? No problem it's pretty standard they're on my plate in some form. But lunchtime, it grosses me out. I would rather have a side of fruit than string beans.

Ever since I was diagnosed with Celiac's (3 years ago now) one of the foods I miss is real Chinese food. Ordering steamed chicken and veggies for takeout is just not the same.

Yesterday I couldn't get Chinese food out of my head. This lead me to create an at home healthy version of sweet and sour chicken. It doesn't have the coating that the real version has, but the flavor tastes the same.

I cut up chicken into chunks that I already had prepped, added some broccoli pieces, and half a cup of brown rice.
I tossed it all together with some fat free Italian dressing. Yum now this is a way I can get my Chinese food fix and sneak some veggies into my lunchtime meals.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Relax, Relax, Relax

Sometimes you just need a weekend where you get nothing productive done. This weekend was that one. The theme was relaxation and it was marvelous!
Saturday started out as a gorgeous day, perfectly sunny and no humidity. The weather was still hot so I headed to the beach. It was my first time going since my the fracture in my knee. I left my brace and crutches in the car so they wouldn't get ruined with sand. I make sure to walk really slow and we sat super far back.
Mom and I stayed for a long time so I got halfway through the final book in the Seasons of Grace Series by Beverly Lewis. Once I finished book one I needed to know how the story ended. I hate leaving off on a cliff-hanger.
After having a carb overload at the beach I was craving something healthy for dinner. So Troy and I ate a quick meal at Panera. Of course I got my favorite salad.
He got his usual mac & cheese. But I really just go there for those delicious crunchy chips ;)
Sunday ended up being another gorgeous day so I knew right away I wanted to spend it outside. In the morning I sipped my coffee down at the water. It's very nice to start off the morning with a little downtime instead of worrying about a to-do list.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Mom's 48th. Birthday

Cheers to my Mom's 48th. birthday yesterday!
Every birthday should start off with a grande latte in my opinion. As you can kind of see in that picture, the morning started off pouring. So our plans for a beach day vanished quickly.

After staying in our pajamas for half the day lounging around, we finally got around to baking. Gluten free chocolate chip cookies! Side Note:{My mom does not have Celiac's, but she doesn't mind baking gluten free so I can have some} Betty Crocker makes a good mix. If I'm being honest I just wanted to bake them for the dough...I mean that's the best part anyway ;)
We had originally planned to go to the beach restaurant since their lobster is just delicious. But the weather was still cloudy in the afternoon so we decided not to chance going outside for dinner. Instead a pizza party!
Then it was present time. Mom got lots of Starbucks gift cards so I am hoping she will share some of that wealth with me haha ;)
She had a huge cup to celebrate the evening with too!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Help Me Pick A Costume

If you've been reading the blog for awhile then you already know how much of a huge animal lover I am, especially dogs.Working out and dogs are two of my favorite things, so when I saw a fundraiser for both I knew I had to sign up.

Bark For Life is similar to Relay For Life where you form a team and raise money for The American Cancer society.

I am hoping that by three weeks from now I will be able to participate in the 1 mile walk along with Troy and Cooper.
Sadly we can't take miss Wishbone since she is not dog friendly. We adopted her at two years old and think she was never socialized as a puppy around other dogs.

So this is where all of you come in! Not only does the event have a one mile walk but a costume contest. And I am out to win! Haha.

Please help me brainstorm some costume ideas for Cooper. I'm debating whether or not to go the whole DIY homemade way or just buy one.

The funny part is when I was searching for ideas, I guess I am the only crazy one haha googling costumes for dogs and not people.
Here are some contenders so far:

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Crunchy & Crispy

Hey Happy Wednesday! If you're new around here head over to Jenn's blog and join in on the What I Ate Wednesday Party.

And I did alot of eating yesterday. See for yourself.

Breakfast was a very peanut butter one yesterday! I had my usual overnight oats, but added way too much peanut butter to the mix. So every bite had a TON of peanut butter...I'm not complaining ;)
Sandwiches are my favorite thing lately. Maybe because I'll go months without eating them and then eat them everyday. Check out how big this baby was!
Tomatoes, lettuce, no salt deli turkey, and everything hummus were stuffed into this bad boy. So tasty!
My stomach started grumbling in the afternoon so frozen fruit was my snack yesterday. I defrosted some blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, and cherries in the microwave. Love how convenient frozen bags are.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sloppy Joe Recipe

Even though my post yesterday made it seem like the whole weekend was a bummer, it certainly was not!

Troy and I both agreed we had one of the best dinners in a long time. I couldn't wait to share the recipe with you all!

Friday night's dinner was certainly sloppy.
And by that I mean sloppy joe's were on the menu. After finding out awhile back that Troy has never had them. How does that even happen?! Sloppy joe's a summer camp weekly special.

In a mixing bowl I combined 1/3 cup of apple cider vinegar, 1/2 cup of ketchup, 1.5 T of BBQ sauce, and 4oz of ground beef. Once it was combined I cooked the mixture in a pan over medium heat.
Then it was time to eat!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Multitasking Is A No

The weekend did have a bit of a rough start on Friday morning. The whole morning was just off for me. Multitasking and doing 5,3329 things does not work for me.

As I was baking mini muffins in the oven, I was cooking hamburgers in a pan. They started burning and set off the loud fire alarm. While that was going off the muffins were done baking and I had to get them out fast. While taking them out I burnt my hand, then the phone was ringing. Trying to answer the phone part of my knee brace broke off.
And this all happened in a matter of five minutes. Holy moly was I just ready to go back to bed right then haha.

After going back to the doctors to pick up a new brace I decided to treat myself. A light caramel frappuccino did the trick!
For the most part I don't blog about my off days or a bad mood because I like my blog to be a positive place. Sometimes you have to keep it real though.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Fun Facts Friday

1. Last week I finally used my Dunkin Donuts free birthday coffee. I told the employee all I wanted was a medium iced coffee, but he insisted he give me an extra large. Seriously, who needs that much coffee? The thing was as big as my head!
2. Anyone else not always melt their cheese, but just layer it over their burger? I was lazy and didn't feel like putting it back on the grill to melt. So I left it like this and it was tasty not melted!
3. I've been snacking on Julie's double chocolate protein balls, but mine look like poop haha! I think the gluten free flour changed their shape and consistency. They look gross but are good!
4. Anyone ever try Heinz's American sauce?! I saw it on Instagram and now I need to find this. I am a ketchup lovaaaaaa so I bet I would be a fan of this.
5. My nails are finally growing now that I painted them this crazy color.
 Love how metallic and shiny it is! It dried super fast too.
6. When I make my coffee at home I love watching the milk dissolve into it. The colors always create really cool looking designs. Anyone else as weird as me? Probably not haha.
7. This picture cracked me when I saw it online haha! Too funny.
8. And if you want to hear from me twice today, head over to Nicole's blog where I am guest posting for her. I wrote about things I wish I knew before I started weight-lifting.

Today is going to be spent in the kitchen doing lots of cooking and baking so look for some recipes next week!

Happy Weekend!

Have you ever tried American sauce?
Melted or not melted cheese on food?
Would you eat something that looks like poop?

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Low Carb Pizza + Upper Body At Home Workout

Happy Thursday!

Woot woot one more day until the weekend.

You guys are never going to believe this. Not only did I get a workout in on Monday, but got another in on Wednesday. Who is the girl right now? After being told no to so many exercises, my workout motivation was slowly dwindling down. For right now it's back!

I never do at home workouts so it was nice to skip the gym (and the weird stares haha) and workout in my pajamas. No judging!

All you need are some free weights. I used a kettlebell for some exercises too but not necessary.
Yesterday's upper body routine:

Upright Rows  
Push Ups        
Tricep Extension 
Seated Bent Over Flys 
Bicep Curls       
Seated Side Raises

I completed 3 sets of each then moved onto the next exercise. I followed it up with 10 minute light ab work.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

WIAW- Messy Eater

Well it's a good thing I wasn't stressed about my non existent appetite the other day since it came back full force yesterday. My hunger was outaaaaa of control lemme tell ya.

Shall we take a look at What I Ate Wednesday?

Breakfast was a total fail. Take a look at this huge mess.
I instagrammed it yesterday and apparently alot of you guys feel the same way when perfectly good oats get thrown out :(

That's what I get for trying hot oats instead of my usual cold ones. If it ain't broke don't fix it...

By noon I was more than ready for lunch. I melted mozzarella cheese and a packet of tuna in the microwave, then rolled it up in a brown rice wrap. It's a good thing I took this picture when I did because right after I started eating the wrap fell apart haha.
I guess messy was my theme yesterday?

Three hours later I knew I needed something to hold me over until dinner. One of my tye-dye yogurt bowls, but this time with granola for a little crunch, yum!
Troy bought me a passion iced tea while we made a quick trip to the food store. He knows Starbucks is the way to my heart haha!
We ended up eating dinner with his parents and it was chili night. One of my favorites of his mom's since she puts so many toppings into it. To my bowl I added rice, beans, tomatoes, and melted cheese. Delicious!
No night time snack for me after that ginormous bowl of chili :)

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Upper Body Workout

Monday was my first day back to the gym and it was interesting! It was kind of weird being back there and not fully being able to workout. I was feeling apprehensive at first and thought let me just get this over with!

If you ever want attention while you are working out just put on a leg brace. After getting over all the awkward stares, I got down to business.

Upper Body Workout

Tricep Machine Pushdowns  x 4
Barbell Chest Bench Press    x 4
Dumbbell Shoulder Press      x 4
Narrow Grip Lat Pulldown    x 4

It doesn't sound so bad, but after 40 minutes my upper body was done. This workout hits your triceps, chest, shoulders, and back. Nice and effective!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Meet The Face Of.....

This is the face of serious garage sale hunters....
Okay maybe not, but we did put on our bargain shopping shoes on Saturday to head to about 10 garage sales.

I love the picnic basket we found!
The thing is huge! I love how it comes with the spots to hold the dishes and tons of room if you remove the tray with the cups. Next time we take Cooper to the park we can bring this for our snacks.
Saturday was a full shopping day, before the garage sales we headed to Buy Buy Baby to find a gift for Troy's sister's baby shower. I feel like she just announced she was pregnant!

We hard a hard time deciding. Both of us have no idea about baby stuff and were way too immature looking at all the funny stuff there. We couldn't believe how expensive some items are. Like a $400 stroller?! Are they kidding?