Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Craving Yoga

A good part of yesterday was solely dedicated to cleaning. I fully believe you either love cleaning or you hate it, there is no in between. I fall into the latter category so my house was long overdue for a good clean.

I even managed to put all my summer clothes away. Goodbye shorts! Even when I try to look nice in the summer, I feel like summer clothes never look cute. Give me cozy sweaters, boots & scarves, and lots of layers.

If you're never used those vacuum seal storage bags before, you should try them! They are a lifesaver for anyone that doesn't have a ton of closet space. My closet is decent sized but my winter clothes tend to be 1,000 times larger than my summer outfits. So I vacuum seal them and slide them right under my bed.

Whenever I clean I love throwing things away. I tend to keep items I no longer wear for a long time. Sometimes they still have their tags on them from 3 years ago haha! Lots of clothes went to goodwill!

All of that cleaning left me craving a really good stretch. For awhile I was debating whether or not to go to a yoga class last night because it is at 8pm. And that's pretty close to my bedtime haha.

But I was so glad I decided to go once I got there. All week my hips have been so tight from getting back into exercise post injury. Every night I find myself wanting to do more stretches since they're so sore.

The gentle yoga class was just what my legs needed. We focused on hip openers and back bends. The lizard and pigeon poses hurt but in a good type of way.

Cleaning and yoga is a successful day!

Are you a person that loves cleaning? I don't get how others get so happy when they clean! I just want to get it done fast.


  1. I hate cleaning....but love the results. I am in such a need to do a total cleaning/organizing of my apartment...but I have no desire. You want to come over? :) How did you motivate yourself to do it? I would love to hire someone to do it, but have no money. UGH. I have no idea why some people can possibly love to clean.

    1. I like to devote one day to cleaning everything and then it's all done!

  2. I really need to do a deep clean of my entire house. I'm not a big fan of cleaning but usually once I start I want to get it all done. There is noting better than a clean house, especially clean sheets. I might actually enjoy that since they always feel extra soft the first night after being washed.

    1. It's funny I hate cleaning but I have to change my sheets every week. It's one thing I am OCD about.

  3. I love pigeon pose.. I seriously will stay in it for 5 mins each leg when I am stretching, people must think I am crazy lol. Good job with the cleaning. I have no desire to clean I just have so much stuff and its so overwhelming.

  4. I definitely feel you on keeping things long after I've stopped wearing them. I also have a bunch of clothes that still have tags. I may need to tag a page out of your book and head to Goodwill!


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