Thursday, January 24, 2013

Back to School

Hey guys! Welcome to Life and Fitness by Ashley. This will be a way for me to spread my love of all things fitness related, cooking mis-haps (because well frankly they happen alot!), cute dog pictures (who doesn't love puppies?!?), and my daily adventures of being happy and healthy.

So for today, back to school after enjoying a nice month off of watching reruns of Teen Mom 2. <---- One of my guilty pleasures and eating waffles for lunch.

Everything was going smoothly until....

I was sitting in the wrong class,

 yeeppppp that happened.

Ok I didn't see any dogs in weiner costumes, but that is how embarrassed I felt if I was a dog in a weiner costume.

 Luckily, I pulled it off and starting laughing. When in doubt laugh it off, I guess?

Anyway after that first day of school fail, hoping to get in a nice chest and back workout in tonight.

And then new episode of big bang theory!! Love Sheldon <33 He knows exactly how to be the most genius, perfect geek out there. So I'm off, leaving you to enjoy some big bang theory bloopers

 See you guys tomorrow with some food pictures!!

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