Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wed. Eats

Let's join in the fun and do some What I Ate Wed.

Breakfast cookie & 2 hard boiled eggs. (I skip the yolk)

Post Workou
Peanut Butter Choc. Oat Shake

Turkey wrap with hummus and spinach lettuce
I dipped it in some of this deliciousness
For fat free dressing, it has some pretty good nutritional stats. Sometimes the fat free ones can be loaded up on extra sugar. 

On the side, I had a new to me snack. A warmed apple with cinnamon on top. Love anything apple related, so I don't know why I never thought of this. Heated it up for 30 seconds & viola !

For dinner, I went with leftover snap peas, baked chicken, and a potato with salsa.
The salsa surprised me yesterday, it ended up being a good combo. All of you guys that know me, know I prefer bland, non-spicy food. I made it about half way through the potato and saved the rest for tomorrow.

Vanilla greek yogurt for some extra protein. If I don't eat before bed, I wake up starving the next morning. 

This is what a typical day of eats looks like for me. I tend to eat pretty much the same foods for breakfast/lunch and just switch up dinner. As you can see, I try to eat every four hours and aim for about 5 meals a day. If I go more than four hours without eating, I am not a happy camper haha.

Tell me friends, what is your go to after dinner snack? Mine is greek yogurt, easy & convenient.

Typically do you stick with the same breakfast or like to switch it up? I like to switch up my breakfast on the weekend, but during the week it usually stays the same.


  1. I used to have a phase where I wouldn't eat the egg yolk. Now that's my favorite part about hard boiled eggs! :D
    Your eats look delicious!

  2. My fav. eggs are over-easy & I love the yolk all runny like that!


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