Friday, January 25, 2013

Thanks for Friday

Hey friends ! Isn't everyone glad it's the weekend? I know I am over here.

Top things I am thankful for this week:

Next up I'm thankful for a late Christmas present from one of the clients at work. How does she know exactly what I will love?! BTW for all you Starbucks lovers out there, I had no idea if you bring in your reusable cup you get 10 cents off....Saves paper && money, can't beat that!

Also thankful for my new school supplies. I usually pick the cheap cardboard 25 cent folder, but decided to spring for the pretty plastic $2 one. You can't tell from the picture but the mechanical pencils are super bright and metallic. Good thing to keep me awake during my long math classes :)

A cheetah sweater to brighten up the week since it is freezing here in NY. I don't even know how I am going to last outside when I take a trip to Lake Placid soon. The high the other day was -2, the high! AHHHHH. Anyone have any recommendations about which clothing brands have the best leg or hand warmers? It is going to be freeeeeezing.

Last I'm thankful for my gym bag. Separate compartment to keep my clean clothes & smelly sneakers separate. Finally! Thanks Reebok for inventing this ;)

Back to last night, never got my workout in, my trainer ended up having to reschedule for tonight. I'm off to work today, then school for a little, and finally ending the day with some weights at the gym. I acutally had to write a post it note so I don't forget to go to class haha. Not used to having class on Fridays. 

So friends, what is making you happy this week? Any fun plans for the weekend?

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