Monday, January 28, 2013

Meals for the Week

Happy Monday guys!

To recap the weekend fun. Some of you guys asked me what type of goodies I baked up. They were for a family friend's birthday & will be posting the recipe later on in the week.

Also, nothing like running into your personal trainer at the food store when you have a ton of chocolate in your cart! Yep, true story. Although it is not all for me ! I'm baking up some goodies for valentine's day for some gifts :)

Then I watched this movie:
I totally thought this movie was about an ex porn start trying to turn her life around, but it is not. So I spent half the movie confused haha.

Some Meals Ideas:

Turkey Taco Lettuce Wraps (Cooked this 2 weeks ago with the boyfriend && was a huge hit!)

Ham and Brown Rice Casserole (Substituting pork for the ham. Not a huge fan of ham. I think it's due to the slimy texture)

Meatless Buffalo Wings with Ranch Dip With Grilled Chicken
(Perfect app. for a Superbowl party & vegetarian friendly!)

Chicken Chili with Lime (Never tried chili with lime! This will be a first)

Take out prob Friday

Eggs for dinner <---(Always a winner)

My Workout Plan:

Monday - quads & abs... hate leg day :( does anyone love it?!?
It's good to get it over with at the beg. of the week

Tuesday- steady cardio on the treadmill

Wed- shoulders & hamstrings, maybe spin

Thurs-  chest & back and HIIT treadmill workout

Fri- yoga

Sat & Sun- rest uppp! 

Has anyone ever tried partner yoga? After practicing yoga almost daily 3 years ago and experimenting with all different styles, partner yoga is one thing I've never done. It seems very hard to find a studio that offers it, but an awesome yoga class is definitely worth a far drive.

Amazing if any of you out there can do this! I am the least flexible person.
Does anyone have any recommendations on partner yoga DVD's?  Might have to resort practicing it in my living room if no studios offer it.

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