Saturday, January 26, 2013

No More Chinese, but Will Take More Snow

Hope the weekend is treating you all well
Yesterday was a long day so I spent the night in relaxing with the puppy

As you can see Wishbone was also clearly enjoying the night in since she is rarely allowed to go on the furniture. But since she is recovering from her emergency vet trip on Monday, rules aside. To all the people who have asked me how she is doing, much better! No more chinese dumplings dunked in soy sauce for her! Only milk bones :)

Some recent eats yesterday:

An oldie, but a goodie. Fitnessista's breakfast cookie and 2 hard boiled eggs. Good for when you are in a rush.

All day I was hoping for school to get cancelled because of the half inch snow we received. Hey, a girl can wish right? You can never be too old to wish for a snow day ;)

Friday night ended with catching up on some episodes of Say Yes to the Dress with mom. It seems fun to be a wedding planner without all the stress, hard demanding clients, and basically every else that comes with the job. Just planning the wedding and all the details to make people happy seems fun.

We'll see where Saturday takes me. Have a couple of errands to finish up!



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