Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Punta Cana Part One

Happy Tuesday!

Even though I just got back from vacation, I could use another. White beaches, green water, and tropical drinks sound pretty good right now...

We arrived in Punta Cana in the afternoon and stayed at our hotel Melia Calibre. When we first got there I was scared of the peacocks. I never realized they were so loud and would come so close to you!
The first three days were hazy, but I still managed to get sunburn even though it was cloudy haha.
I loved seeing all the palm trees.
The tropical drinks weren't bad either ;)
At home I never swim in the ocean since it's usually freezing, so it was so nice that the green water was so warm.
We spent lots of time at the pool too, which was also super warm.

 Mom and I walked around alot after dinner because the grounds were so pretty at sunset.
Since drinking is not really my thing, we got a few alcoholic drinks and the rest were just sugar haha. If I am going to have a drink, margaritas are my go to. Mmmmm yummy.
I don't go out to eat at home too much. So instead of going to the buffet every night, we ate at all the different restaurants there. My favorite dinner was chicken stuffed with spinach and shrimp with a passionfruit gravy. This needs to be re-created at home!
There wasn't just peacocks at the resort, but flamingos too!
 Everyone was feeding them little crackers. My mom gave it a try. I was afraid of their long beaks!

This post is getting long so stay tuned for Part Two!

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  1. I would not be okay with those peacocks, nope! They need to stay far away from me! I think the beach looks wonderful! I can't wait tell I can take a vacation to the beach and soak up some sun :)


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