Saturday, June 8, 2013

Thankgsiving Again

Who ends up celebrating Thanksgiving in the beginning of the summer?

All of us weirdos last night haha. The boyfriend and I ate dinner over his parent's house last night to celebrate his dad's birthday.

And it was way past my bedtime. We didn't end up eating until 9ish so that left me hungryyyyy.
Last night's feast included turkey, corn, home-made mashed potatoes, and biscuits.

Oh my goodness, his mom's mashed potatoes are the perfect combination of lumpy and fluffy. I ate so much food.

The garlic and cheese gluten free biscuits were so tasty. Even the boyfriend had one and loved it. I swear he should just go gluten free since he eats ALL of my food haha. His mom followed this recipe and said they were super easy to make.

Of course I am not one to pass up desserts! I had a little ice cream cake that had a huge layer of hot fudge in the middle and apple pie. I so stuffed by this point so I just ate a little bit.

In other news....As far as workouts go this week I think I went to the gym once for a strength training workout. With everything going on lately it has just left me feeling drained and physically exhausted. I needed a breather from working out. I always struggle with taking extra rest days, but I am trying not to beat myself up about it. So I am not feeling guilty for resting and will get back on track after vacation.

Since this news is also fitness related, I decided not to do the two figure competitions in September. I would have had to start my dieting exactly when I was away in Pennsylvania. Being in a hotel room that doesn't have any cooking area isn't ideal. All of my meals were takeout, but still I wasn't eating chicken, broccoli, and brown rice four times a day.

In a way I am sad I am not doing them because I had been looking forward to them for months now and working towards it. I know there will always be more competitions to compete in. For whatever reason, I wasn't meant to do those two. If you're wondering why my meals look so different, that's why.
It's been nice to be able to eat what I want instead of having a menu already planned out for the day. And it's been nice to eat when I want instead of on a schedule.

So with all these decisions, I will be thoroughly enjoying all of the wonderful food on vacation next week. We will have to see how blogging goes in the Dominican Republic!

Today's plan is to pack (I always procrastinate), get myself to Sephora, and take care of some last minute stuff.

P.S. - Troy and I finally finished Prison Break last night after 3 months. We were both a little sad that it is over haha. I didn't like how Michael dies at the end after all of his hard work breaking everyone out of prison. Anyway, we need some new shows to watch!

***So what are your favorite tv shows lately?


  1. glad you had s super bday! you deserve it. enjoy your life and have some fun xo

  2. Mmm a Thanksgiving meal sound amazing right now! I love the idea of having one in the summer, never thought of that!

  3. Oh i loved prison break!! So sad wheb micheal died! 24 was also amazing!!! Oh jack bauer...

  4. Yum, that dinner looks amazing! I hope you are enjoying eating what you want when you want now!

  5. I love Revenge .. it is a great show!

  6. Ice cream cake is my absolute favorite!! I LOVE it :).

  7. My favorite show right now is Sons of Anarchy!! I am flying through the seasons! Next up, Mad Men. I started watching it on Saturday.


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