Wednesday, June 19, 2013

WIAW & Punta Cana Part Two

Time for Punta Cana Part Two! If you missed part one you can check that out here.

Since it is What I Ate Wednesday and all, I guess we should first talk about some food huh?
This was my first time staying at all inclusive resort since I've been diagnosed with Celiac's. I was bit nervous hoping there would be enough choices for me to eat. Plus my Spanish speaking skills are pretty basic.

Breakfast started off with eggs, sausage, and lots of fruit pretty much everyday. The breakfast buffet was my favorite part. Nothing beats fresh eggs and fruit!
One of the weirdest fruits there was the passionfruit. It had a sweet citrus sauce inside that was actually quite tasty despite the fact that it looks gross.
 The yogurt was another great choice for me to have as a snack between meals.
Lunches usually started with some type of grilled protein on top of a salad. There was plain veggies everyday so that was def. a plus. Potatoes were at every meal so I ate lots of those too.
Like I shared with you guys yesterday, dinners were some type of delicious chicken.

Now onto dessert- my favorite part! Since I couldn't have any of the delicious looking pies and cakes, I had a TON of ice cream. Their vanilla is more the french vanilla type, which was awesome. One night I had a chocolate covered apple too.

As far as workouts go I got a solid 3 strength training sessions in at the gym. The only thing I didn't get to train was quads. I got a nasty sunburn on my legs two days before we left and there was no way squats were happening haha.
Even momma joined in on the gym flow. I've been slowly converting her from doing cardio to weights ;)
Our resort was huge so we would easily walk around for at least 40 minutes a day, so we counted all those walks as our cardio.

But when the sun finally started shining midweek, boy was it hot!
Also we both got henna tattoos of the sun. I've wanted this as a real tattoo for years now so I liked to test it out to see how it looked. I'm a fan!
  We were sad to leave that gorgeous water!

My travel tips for Dominician Republic:
  • Know Spanish haha! There was very few people at our hotel that knew more than basic English.
  • Bring bug spray. I was lucky this time and remembered to pack it, no bites.
  • Research how big your hotel property is. I wouldn't recommend our hotel if you're traveling with kids/elderly people since there was SO much walking.
  • SPF 50. Enough said.
  • Bring lots of snacks for the airport. When we arrived there was absolutely nowhere to find food and the customs side of the airport has no a.c. No food and no air, meltdown! Thankfully we found squished protein bars in our bags.


  1. Whenever I have been to an all inclusive I always love breakfast the most! I defiantly take advantage of all the fresh fruit. Love passion fruit! IT's my favorite flavor Chobani and a fruit I always look for when in the Caribbean.

  2. Look at you & your momma pumping the iron! Ow Ow! :)


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