Saturday, February 9, 2013

Fancy Schmancy Over Here

Good morning friends! Did anyone else wake up to a winter wonderland this morning? This picture was taken on Friday afternoon before the snow storm hit. Add about 10 more inches of snow onto this picture for today. 

Thursday and Friday have been busy busy here in Lake Placid. The ride up here took about 8 hours and was filled with tons of coffee, lotto tickets, and muffins to keep us busy.

We all arrived late at night and were starving for dinner. After talking to some locals, we settled on an upscale restaurant in the middle of town. Any place with more than one fork is fancy schmancy for us haha. The boyfriend and I tend to gravitate to more casual places to eat. I like to feel relaxed. Both us got salads for dinner. I was feeling kind of car sick and wasn't in the mood for a heavy dinner. It was an interesting mix with portobello mushrooms and goat cheese. After dinner, we were all pooped and called it a night.

After waking up bright and early Friday morning (5:30am to be exact) I planned on getting a workout in since I was finally feeling better. The first night in a hotel I can never sleep well. But my workout never ended up happening. Watching reruns of True Life: I have a strange addiction won out over working out. One girl was addicted to pulling out her hair even though she wanted be a model. Another had a severe sweating problem. The last episode featured a girl who couldn't stop eating nail files. Sometimes ya just got to skip working out and relax. You know what I mean??

Like I told you guys yesterday we planned on doing a lot of outdoor activities yesterday, but it never ended up happening. The day started off with breakfast at the Blue Moon Cafe. Lots of coffee and 2 eggs over easy for us. At the cafe there was tons of mardi gras style bead necklaces hanging up. Naturally, we had to get some for the Ice Festival today. The boyfriend got some skulls and I got a moon necklace. I'll share some pictures tomorrow of them during the parade!

As we were leaving the cafe, we noticed something wrong with the car. Everything ended up being fine, but we had to wait around in the town for it to get fixed for 4 hours. So, this time was spent shopping of course! I ended up with some souvenirs to bring home. Those of you that follow me on Instagram saw some of them yesterday.

And I've been snacking on nutella non-stop this weekend. This stuff is seriously like crack. (Note: I have been known to eat half a jar in one day). I've been dipping pretzels in it, mmm so good. 

Hoping to get to do all the outdoor activities today with all this fresh snow. Love the winter <3

Questions for the morning- How much snow did you get today?

What are your favorite snacks to bring on trips?

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