Saturday, February 16, 2013

Things Making Me Happy

Happy Weekend! I hope you are reading this in your pajamas with a big cup of coffee (or in my case a tall Skinny Vanilla Latee).

Sleeping in felt glorious this morning. I had a wild night last night and stayed up past 11:30, which is much later than usual. Party animal over here huh? Well technically my wild night consisted of Bingo haha. I really am a 80 year old grandma on the inside. Don't laugh, but I love to crochet too. But I did need my Starbucks to keep me awake.


Since I had so much to chat about yesterday, I didn't even get to post my Friday Favorites. Ah well this week will have to be things making me happy on Saturday.
Now onto the list:

An impromptu stop to my local health food's store on Wednesday, led to some new finds. Roasted garlic and peppercorn dressing?!? Let's just say the more garlic on top of my food, the better it tastes. Will definitely be buying this again. And check out those facts- dairy, sugar, and gluten free.

While I was there I picked up the usual Zevia. Does anyone else love ginger ale as much as me?

Red pepper & feta spread found its way into my cart. We all know I'm a huge lover of red pepper, but feta-ehhhh. The verdict is still out if I like this or not. The feta leaves a weird aftertaste, which I am not a fan of.

Next up is cream cheese! I never ever buy this, but I have been putting this on everything this week. Crackers, turkey wraps, and you name it have been covered smothered in deliciousness.

And if you follow me on Instagram, you already saw my strawberry oatmeal. Fresh strawberries make any food taste better. 

And last up adding to my happiness this week is a surprise bag of goodies from my grandma. The last time I made pizza at home, it turned into 5inch deep dish style. But it was still super yummy.

My mom just asked me if I want to make a Trader Joe's trip today? (it's about a 30 min drive) UMMM YES PLEASE. So I'm off to Trader Joe's! Wooo hooooo

If you follow me on twitter then you already know, but it is official. My trip to Colorado in April is finally booked! Can't wait!!

Have a great Saturday friends!

Leave me a comment telling me what is adding some happiness to your week.




  1. The red pepper feta dip looks really good! I love feta on pizzas but have never tried it in a dip. Have fun at TJ's :)

  2. Hey, I will never knock you for playing Bingo. I love it too! We must both be "old" ;).

    That red pepper feta dip looks amazing. I NEED to find some of that in my area! ;)


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