Sunday, February 10, 2013

No Surprises

Howdy friends. How is the weekend treating you all? Hopefully you are all nice and toasty relaxing on the couch today.

We were planning on traveling home from Lake Placid today, but are staying over another night because of all the snow. We estimated instead of an 8 hour drive, it would end up being 12 hours with all the closed roads. For anyone that gets car sickness, 12 hour car rides are just way too long.

Let's backtrack to some delicious food from the other day okay? After many times searching and getting lost, the GPS finally led us to a deli with gluten free bread! Finding this in the middle of nowhere while being starved was like Christmas morning. The little deli was an old house converted into a kitchenette. It felt so warm and cosy, as if you were eating at your own house. On the menu were 46 sandwiches, all named after the 46 Adirondack Peaks. I went with number 41, smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, and tomatoes. Delicioussssss. And to top it off we had the place all to ourselves since it was snowing hard by then.

Let's focus on this amazing view from the deli. We sat right by the window to watch the falling snow. 

The high was around 10 degrees yesterday (the weather said with the wind chill it really felt like -3) and oh yes it did.The boyfriend and I have been living off coffee and hot chocolate. No surprises there.

In the middle of the day we headed to the Ice Festival. People come from all over just to celebrate winter. The theme for this year was "under the sea". Some people went all out with crazy costumes. The boyfriend and I wore hidden treasure style necklaces to celebrate. Did anyone else immediately think of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie after seeing the skull necklace?

After eating so much food, we drove up to one of the ski mountains to catch a gondola ride. But we ended up missing the last ride of the day so that is on the agenda for tomorrow morning.

Leave a comment telling me what food you've been eating this weekend!


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