Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Green Ball is Dead

Oh man it was so hard getting out of bed yesterday morning. Mix howling wind and pouring rain together, and Ashley just wants to lounge in bed all day.

But, I forced myself to the gym for quad day. Let's put it this way- I survived haha. Quads are probably my least favorite muscle to train and I have zero motivation for it. UGHHH, soon enough shorts weather will be here. <----That can be my motivation.

Since my house gets extremely drafty when the wind gets intense, I was freeeezing. Naturally, lunch ended up being comfort food at its finest. Sweet tomato soup with basil. This stuff is good!

Anyone else a fan of Panera? Right, that's what I thought- pretty much everyone on the planet is. If anyone has tried their tomato soup. This version by Campbell's tastes almost identical to theirs. I will definitely be adding this soup to my weekly grocery list. Lunch that tastes like Panera without spending $15, cool!

In other news, my hair received a nice chopping yesterday! The last time I had a haircut was about 6 months ago. I KNOW, what the heck?! How did I let this happen? Anyway, my hair felt so soft after being freshened up. My hairstylist added in lots of layers while still keeping some length. The haircut reminded me of the 1970's and I'm liking it :)

You guys remember when I wrote about the green money ball that I won. Well, it finally happened, Wishbone discovered it the other night.

The little girl went crazy ripping the fuzz out of it. It took her about a whole five minutes before the green ball was a goner. It's funny how she knows not to eat the stuffing. She spits it all out into one huge pile.

Then, Wishbone went back to her usual self and that of course includes her begging for snacks. She cracks me up. Look at her licking her lips. She can be so dramatic sometimes haha.

Dinner last night ended up being a hodgepodge of items. Between getting home super late from my haircut and having nothing prepared, it was one big mixture. It was one of those nights where nothing sounded good in particular. I just couldn't make up my mind. And it's not like my cabinets were not full with food.

My night ended with a hot cup of chamomile tea. Tea has been a savior this week during my bad sore throats.

And I'm off!

I'm thinking about putting together a Q& A for next week. We all know I love surveys and answering questions. Would any of you guys be interested in reading that? If so, leave me a question you always wanted to know!



  1. Wow, soup you can buy at the grocery store that tastes like Panera? Sign me up for that! Do you know if it contains chicken or beef broth? Those types of products can be so sneaky and tricky for vegetarians! :(

  2. I just checked and it's clear!

  3. That soup looks great! Oh and I love your haircut, and your dog, absolutely precious!!

  4. Haircut looks great! I'm going on 4 months and really feeling like I need one! Your dog is too funny, loves that food just like mine does!

    1. Thank you! I always feel so much better after a haircut. My hair was beg. to feel like straw.

  5. yum!! tomato soup is the perfect winter meal!


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