Friday, February 22, 2013

Things Making Me Happy

Hey Hey.
Yippppppeee. It is the official start to the weekend and it feels glorious.

And holy moley excitement on the What's in my Purse post!!!

Honestly, I didn't even think it would be that popular. I'm glad you guys liked it. I was talking to my boyfriend about all the feedback from it, and he said "people want to see things they can relate to". His words got stuck in my head last night. It rings true for me that I feel like I know a blogger well, when I see they're human. It is very easy to read blogs and see their perfect life filled with a charming husband, toned body & abs, and healthy meals 24/7.  

But that is not reality. Not everything in life is perfect. My pocketbook sums up my life: a little bit of everything thrown together.

Let's chat about being happy!  
Things making me happy this week:

1. Being able to go to the gym on a Friday morning! Usually I'm always working so I can't decide if I should try a Bollywood dance cardio class or stick with spin? Hmmm, tough decisions. If I choose the dance class, I might end up looking like this:

2. Finding a lotto ticket while cleaning out my purse made me happy. Sad to say not a winner, but maybe next time. I think the most I've ever won on one of these is around $20. I'm still holding out for the BIG winner.

3. Going to the mall and spending no money made me smile! Free underwear from Victoria's Secret is always nice. I used up some of my Christmas gift cards for the others. After seeing the polka dot cardigan, I knew I had to get it. I have a love affair with cardigans, as seen here and here. And the light denim jacket will be perfect sunny spring weather. It even has a cute, tiny heart pattern.


4. Finally got my nails done! A pedicure felt wonderfulllll, but I was certainly not posting a picture of my feet haha.

5. Warm fuzzy socks make my feet happy. Does anyone else love cozy socks as much as me? They feel so good in the winter especially when you have wood floors and they are ice cold in the morning.

6. Watching a flower bloom in a teapot was interesting. Apparently, as the water gets hot, the flower grows and blooms. My grandma is the tea expert. I think she owns every flavor Teavana makes and has every tea pot accessory.

7. Dinner one night this week while I was out of the house was pasta mixed with broccoli, shrimp, and shredded paramasean cheese. It was alright, but nothing too fabulous.

The boyfriend and I are finally going to a new yoga class tonight. We've been trying to arrange to get to this class since Labor Day. Yep, it has been that long. They only offer this late Friday night one twice a month and it seems we always end up having other plans. 

One pose I'm looking foward to is Svasana. I think I need to get this tshirt asap haha.

What is your favorite yoga pose? Svasana is def. one of top poses, but my ultimate favorite is half moon.

What is your favorite tea flavor? Mine is lemon or orange spice.


  1. I couldn't agree more that I love reading relatable posts! With that said, cozy socks are my thing! I have a ton of them, and wear them everyday during the winter. Keep me feeling toasty warm! My favorte tea is Tazo Zen- geen tea! Mmm

  2. I LOVE big fuzzy winter socks! My feet are always cold so cold and wearing them helps to keep them a little warmer. I have the ugliest feet so as much as i love pedicures always feel bad for the people who have to do my feet. I love cinnamon and vanilla spiced black tea


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