Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Stairmaster is Wicked

Hi friends!

Oh my goodness, my whole body is sore. Yesterday was a marathon of fitness type of day.

In the morning, I trained with my personal trainer. We hit shoulders and hamstrings. I have officially moved up to the big boy shoulder press. Woot! This was a big gym moment for me over here. After doing some weights, I decided to pass on the usual cardio on the treadmill and use this wicked machine. If the stairmaster and the elliptical had a baby, it would look something like this. Oh boy, this thing is rough....I only did 30 minutes on this bad boy and sweat was pouring down my face. Nothing like a good face sweat.

Since my workout took much longer than expected and ran into lunch time, I was famished when I got home. I made my usual peanut butter smoothie and chugged it in 5 minutes flat. Thank goodness I restocked my supply of peanut butter last week.
Ever since my manicure last week, I've been really trying to let my nails grow out. I painted them a new spring color so I will stop biting them. I even got a little creative and did tiny polka dots on some.

And apparently I never realized this before, but the color, Minted, ended up being the EXACT same shade as my kitchen. Kinda weird right?! My phone now has a nice collection of creepy hand against the wall photos shots.

Usually, I am never off work on Monday nights, so my mom was begging me to come with her to yoga. After my long workout in the morning, I was not in the mood. But I decided to go because it would be relaxing and I could lie down at the end haha. All in all, it was a good class and my muscles needed that stretch.

It was a good thing I burned so many calories yesterday since Sunday night involved lots of carbs and sugar. (Hey---it was the weekend!) We were out visiting family and the pizza place by them (FINALLY) got gluten free pizza. Needless to say, I knew I needed to try it. It was good, not my ultimate favorite, but pizza can never be bad in my opinion. On the way home, I picked up Coldstone to eat while flipping through the Oscars and Gator Boys, some combo right?

Have you ever tried the stairmaster?

<3 Ashley


  1. YUM. Everything looks delicious. Your workouts sound great too...good for you! We need to talk mor about the fitness competition you're doing! :)

  2. Love that color of nail polish, I think you inspired me to paint my nails! I love the stair master but don't have one myself. I currently don't have a gym membership so it's been awhile. Way to go!!

  3. The stair master is INTENSE! About 10-15 minutes on there is enough for me! ;)

    LOVE that nail polish color. Mint green is SO theee color for Spring!

  4. Goodness, that does not look fun at all! Good for you!

  5. Loving mint green right now, just got a mint green polka dot button down shirt recently from Target. The stairmaster kicks my booty! I've only tried the hybrid machine a few times... maybe I should give it another whirl!

  6. I love the stairmaster. I usually bring a magazine and read while I work. It is great for the behind! :)

  7. I love/hate the Precor machine! I used to use them at ASU when I was a student. Now that I've joined 24 Hour Fitness, they have come back in my life. I don't remember them being so brutal! But then I guess I'm a lot more out of shape that I was in college. I do the fat burner for 30 minutes plus 5 min cool down. I burn 450-455 cals. And yes, I'm dripping in sweat! Makes me look tough haha.

    My first session with a personal trainer is today at 3:30pm (PST). I'm nervous and excited!

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