Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Favorites

Happy February!

Cheers to sleeping in and relaxing this weekend :)

First, I want to say thank you for reading! I started the blog a week ago and have had more than 300 views. This is craziness!!You guys are the best <3

Last night I finally caved and made a twitter. Chat with me friends @LifeAndFitByAsh

Here's some of my Friday Favorites from the week:

Tea! Crazy right?! I don't know what came over me this week since I'm a HUGE coffee lover, but I'm been loving the tea this week. Especially the orange spicy one. On Monday I brought a tea to work in this to-go cup & it is seriously the best hot cup. EVER. My tea actually burned my lips because I was not expecting my tea to be hot four hours later. 

A sparkly top & two necklaces. There is one trend I can't get enough of the past couple of weeks, and that is layering necklaces.

This week was just kind of gloomy all around. I'm blaming it on the weather. So my fortune cookie was a good little pick me up. Perfect for days when you are being your toughest critic.

 New snacks!!! Super excited because they were delicious and cheap. Only $2.50 on sale last week, which is an outright steal for gluten free crackers. I put a couple of these in my cart thinking they would last awhile. The boyfriend already ate half a box on me. Womp womp.

My favorite Valentine's Day card. I buy it every year haha. I'm sure my family is not surprised when they open it, but it's too cute to pass up.

Also, the puppy has been under the weather this week. :(
We thought she was getting better after her allergic reaction to the Chinese dumpling, but it seems to still be affecting her. Send her some love in your thoughts today. <3

 What made you happy this week?
 Love to hear what made you happy so leave a comment or shoot me an email at

What are you up to this weekend, any fun plans? 

**The Gluten Free page has been updated **


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