Friday, March 1, 2013

Dear February,

You were an interesting mix of a month. Came and gone too fast, but filled with many new changes. You seemed a bit bipolar at times.You brought a blanket of snow one week, down-pouring rain, and ended with a break of sunshine.

You were a month that started with a case of the chickenpox, which left me feeling about five years old. You left me with some strange health issues lingering along with that. So, hopefully the doctors will know soon what's up with having symptons literally all over the place.

Oh February, you're not all bad, you did give me a much needed month off from my job. My grades have noticed a boost with all this extra time. You reminded me to focus more on love, especially on myself. I'm sick of constantly criticizing myself for not doing one more rep or feeling guilty for skipping the gym when I'm exhausted. We all need a break once in awhile and I'll admit, I am the first one not to see when I need one. For March, I am making a goal to give myself a break!

Even though you were a month short of time, you made me realize to make more quality time for important people in my life. The boyfriend has suffered the worst out of this. Here's to making more weekly date nights a regular thing instead of a special occasion. In March, I'm vowing not to use my iPhone when we are together. Oh yes, this will be hard because let's face it, I'm addicted. But, I am missing out on my life happening right in front of me. This picture of the boyfriend is from a trip to Atlantic City from January, where we celebrated 7 years of being together. (He was modeling for me)
February, you taught me how to fall in love with my life again. By taking time away from work, I've been able to do so many enjoyable projects that I've been neglecting for far too long. My main goal is to continue to focus on being happy. Whatever brings me to that goal is fine by me.

March will be filled with new opportunities, but more importantly change. Ah the scary world of change, let me remember to embrace it. Often, change is purposely ignored, and then it sneaks into your life all at once. Change is scary, but March will focus on welcoming it.

March, I hope you bring me lots of love, happiness, sunshine, and my health back.


<3 Ashley


  1. This was cute :) I love the idea of no technology when you're with your man! It is so easy for us to just use it. It's addicting and easy, but I know I have been aiming towards using it less. I hope your health issues are resolved soon!

  2. This was such a cute post! I hope that you are recovering well from the chicken pox!

  3. I think we all need to take time away from our electronics every now and then. I hope you have a awesome March, with lots of springtime weather headed your way soon (hopefully)

  4. Sounds like February was a great refresher for you to refocus. I look forward to March because the countdown is 20 days till SPRING! :)


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