Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bulu Box Surprise

Happy Friday friends! Two more days until jelly bean time :)

A couple weeks back I won a giveaway from Jennifer's blog. The prize was a three month subscription to Bulu Box.I had never heard of it before, so I was pretty stoked to try it out. Basically, they send you a variety of vitamins and health supplement samples for all health needs.

The box it came in was cool with all different inspiration quotes on it. My favorite was "go the extra mile it's never crowded'.

My box came with a bunch of energy samples. Before my workouts I usually never take anything. After weights I always make sure to refuel with protein and carbs. So I was not familiar with any of these products and had to google the ingredients in each one. I'm going to pass on trying these. Alot of them reminded me of a redbull, but in a capsule form.
One of the products, Dream Water, I was definitely interested in checking out. It is an natural sleep supplement with pineapple flavoring.

After checking out the ingredients, I was glad to discover it has melatonin in it. I've taken melatonin before for nights when sleep is just not going to happen. Plus, it has stevia in it instead of fake sugar, sweet!
I plan on bringing this next month on my trip to Colorado. I am such a bad sleeper when traveling so I am hoping this helps! I don't want to spend my trip in a zombie state.

The last item was without a doubt my favorite. A gift card for online workouts and music. I can't wait to check this out. This would be perfect for days when I don't want to hit the gym, like weekends when it is super crowded. I'll be giving this a try soon.
Overall, I liked my surprise goodies in my box. It helps if you fill out your profile about your likes/dislikes before you order your box. Whoops, I totally spaced and did mine after. It is $10 a month and you get rewards towards purchasing full size products. If you're interested you can check out Bulu Box here.

And if you couldn't tell by the pictures I am in dire need of a manicure. Hoping that gets accomplished sometime this weekend before Easter.

As always I would love to hear your thoughts!
Do you use pre-workout supplements?
Have you tried energy products?


  1. I love Cliff shot gels before and during running - not sure if that is considered a supplement though!

  2. I have never tried energy products for working out, but I imagine that if I was running a half or a marathon that I would definitely need to utilize some energy products.

  3. I don't use anything before my workouts. I refuel with protein after, though! I just don't think i need any extra energy before. Maybe if I tried them I'd think differently! Haha

  4. I got that exact same box, doubt i'll use any of it! cancelled already because those type of "supplements" are just not my thing. The bf used the dream water and didn't seem to help him, hopefully you have better luck though! I would rather a box full of healthy yummy snacks rather than these things!
    ps : i'm new to your blog, Hi! :) Allison from

    1. Hi thanks for reading! I was thinking of trying the weight loss one to see if there was better goodies in that one. I'd rather get my energy from natural sources like sleep than supplements lol.


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