Monday, March 18, 2013

Two Toned Manicure

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So I figured I would join in on the manicure fun today with Melissa!

I know two posts in the same day! Call me crazy pants over here ;)

Back to the point, I'll be the first to admit when I want to paint my nails, I can be extremely indecisive.. I mean my nail polish collection in my bathroom makes it look like I am running a nail salon. I don't discriminate, I like all colors. The other day I had narrowed the choices down to two colors.
(Temptress and Minted)

Then I figured why not just do both colors? I'm calling it the two toned spring manicure. But really, it can work in all seasons.
First I started off with the tape trick. I put a piece on all my nails going diagonally.
Then I painted one color on the bottom of my nails.
After waiting a couple of minutes for the pink part to dry a bit, I pulled the tape off carefully.
Next I painted the green color slowly on the top of my nails.
Finish with a shiny top coat and done!
The best of both worlds, well color worlds that is!


  1. Pretty! I love the two toned, those colors look awesome together!

  2. I LOVE this! Mint and coral-ish is my favorite recent color combo. Goes with a lot too.

    Thanks so much for linking up, Ashley! It means a lot!


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