Thursday, March 7, 2013

Weighted One Legged Squat

Hello guys.

Oh holy jeez, do I have a leg move for you guys to try. It's no secret I hate quad day. Walking lunges, ughhhhh they kill my legs. I have to say I like the benefits after it is done. I feel so accomplished walking out of the gym with my jelly legs.

So, yesterday I trained quads with my trainer and we did four long sets of this killer move. Meet the weighted one legged squat. Instead of holding two dumbbells in both hands, he has me hold one dumbbell. For example, if I am squatting my left leg down, the dumbbell will be in my left hand. Aim for 12-15 reps on each set with whatever weight you can handle. At first, when I started incorporating this move into my routine a couple months ago, I was using a 15-20lb dumbbell. Now, I'm up to a 50lb dumbbell. My quads were on FIRE. This move is to tough, but so effective.

Another trainer in the gym walking past even commented, "Wow I like that move, I'm going to steal that for myself. It looks killer". I told her ohhhhhh it was killer.


*If you are squatting your left leg, angle your right foot out to the side a little.
*When you squat don't let your knee bend past your toes. Always keep it in line with your ankle.
*Keep your chest up high instead of bending over when you're squatting.

While I was squatting I was thinking all types of ^$^%%##! in my head. And then it was over before I knew it.

Wishbone says it perfect. Now go get to some squatting and feel that burn!

<3 Ashley


  1. This looks killer and awesome! I want to try it asap!

  2. I love Jamie Eason :)

  3. This looks intense! I so wish that I could do this, but my knee is still recovering from surgery so I am thinking that that would not go over so well...I will have to save it for later!

  4. This looks super effective (and painful!). I both love and hate squats.

  5. This looks killer! I took a yoga class and we were doing one leg squats (without weights or bench) and my legs were killing me!

  6. I am SO trying this move this week. I love the jelly-leg feeling, too! :)


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