Thursday, March 21, 2013

Double Celebration Time

Hey Hey....How's it going?!

Last night the boyfriend and I had plans to celebrate his sister's birthday, but we ended up celebrating something else as well! Which totally surprised us!

Any type of celebration is a great excuse for me to bake. I baked up regular cookies instead of gluten free so I didn't eat them all before we got there haha! Anyone remember the show Arthur? Every morning during second grade I would watch an episode before school. So when I saw these in the store, I knew I wanted to bake them up.
Jeez I got my arm workout in for the day. Baking cookies is hard work. I think it might be time to break down and buy a real mixer.
Since I didn't bake them from scratch, I wanted to spruce up plain chocolate chip. After searching my cabinets for some type of mix-in, I went with PB2. It was my first time trying it in cookies. From what I heard it was a hit!

We ended up driving right at sunset and it was absolutely gorgeous.This picture doesn't even do it justice. It was also the first spring sunset! Good-bye winter.
Once we got there for dessert, her cat, Ziggy, was just fine being sprawled out in front of the tv.
Happy birthday Heather! She also announced she was pregnant. The boyfriend and I are beyond excited for her and her husband! The boyfriend is especially excited since his other nieces live in Arizona so he only seems them every once in awhile.
Heather's other cat, Marley, was people shy and would only venture out for a quick second to spy. Cool names right? Ziggy and Marley and now all they need is a "Bob".
All in all, it was a fun celebration! I'm hoping to squeeze in a quick workout after school before all my tv shows are on tonight!

Please don't tell me about the Americans yet, I didn't get to watch it since we got home late last night from the party. Was it good though? Last week's episode I thought was alright, but nothing too suspenseful.

Question for the day: Have you ever baked with PB2?

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  1. I haven't ever baked with PB2 but I love adding it to oatmeal and smoothies! Sounds like it was a fun night, I'm sure your boyfriend will be happy to have a closer niece. I'm glad you got to see an amazing sunset too!

  2. Ooh I've never baked with PB2. But I have used it in a curry one to get a more 'nuty' flavour.
    Haha I used to watch Arthur back in the day. I always found his sister really irritating...

  3. OMG I was obsessed with Arthur! I watched it all the time. I use PB2 in some of baking and dessert and it's always a big hit!

  4. I used to use PB2, but then switched to peanut flour (so, basically got rid of the sugar and salt so I can add it if I want). Isn't it awesome?!? It's a nice protein boost for whatever you use it for. Congrats to your boyfriend's sister!

  5. They have Arthur cookie mix?? Seriously? How cute is that? I used to love watching Arthur! I wonder if they have a mix for D.W. as well? ;)

  6. I've put PB2 in pancakes but not baked goods yet, those sound delicious! and I love cherrybrook kitchen products, they have a chocolate cake mix and white icing that I simply love!!! and I remember Arthur too, and DW :)

  7. Yay! How exciting to have a niece of nephew around :) Little kids are so much fun. I can't believe you hand mix cookie dough! Oh my gosh I'd lose my arm. It hurts my arm using a hand mixer, haha! I used to love Arthur. It was my go to show every morning.

  8. i've read about that stuff but have never bought it! and that sunset is beautiful!


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