Wednesday, March 27, 2013

WIAW- My Best Friends

Besides taking about two photos yesterday, I totally forgot to snap pictures of what I've been eating. Whoops. So we're going to call this week: what I've been eating lately.

Of course, breakfast started off with the usual oats with strawberries. I did eat this yesterday, just in an old tupperware at school instead. Looks much better in a bowl huh ;)

After the gym, I refueled with a protein shake. I was craving something cold and wanted to change it up from my usual one. A chocolate strawberry one hit the spot.
( 1 scoop protein powder, 1 c chopped strawberries, 1/2 almond milk into the blender)

Lunch ended up in the form of a green salad with tuna, mozzarella cheese, and balsamic dressing drizzled on top.
For some reason I was still feeling hungry after that salad so I ended up with a bowl of cereal. Super weird for me because I don't even like cereal. Last time I had it was probably six months ago. Amanda would be proud of me, I covered that cereal with a dash layer of cinnamon.
Yesterday flew by after school ended since it was my last day before break. Before I knew it, dinnertime! A TJ's chicken burger and a vegetable stir-fry with brown rice got served up quickly.
My after dinner snack with my two best friends-peanut butter and jelly. Eaten straight out of the jar my friends.
Are you a cereal person?

Do you tend to eat the same foods every week?


  1. I LOVE Cereal but I can't buy it too often because I have no portion control, haha.

    I do eat the same things over and over for the most part!

  2. I don't mind cereal, but it never seems to work its way into my routine. I definitely eat the same things over and over. I'm a creature of habit!

  3. I really am not a cereal fan. I just find it quite dry, or soggy if it's with milk!
    I tend to always have oatmeal for breakfast and similar lunches during the week. I try to mix things up at the weekend though. I try to make at least one new recipe a week.

  4. That cereal looks super good :) I love putting cinnamon on my breakfast

  5. I love adding cinnamon to my cereal and to pieces of toast slathered in PB or AB. Yum, yum! :)

  6. I love cereal but I like to eat it on greek yogurt instead of with milk. I think if I tried to eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast I would be hungry again before even getting to work.

  7. I am not a big cereal fan... the only ones I like are Fruit Loops and Lucky Charms. I feel like those are more dessert!!!

  8. I am not a huge cereal fan but when I do have the rare craving, it's an intense one! I pretty much cycle a lot of the same meals for ease/convenience during the week!


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