Thursday, March 28, 2013

Doggie Ice Cream

Oh man it's Thursday already? Yesterday just about flew by for me over here. Lots of errands done and things checked off my to-do list.

Lets backtrack a little??

Even though it was my first day of spring break, my alarm went off super early. Early morning was the only chance I would get a workout in even though all I wanted to do was sleep. I ended up eating a Quest bar before hitting the gym for a chest & back workout.

After trying these Quest bars, I am hooked. I honestly thought peanut butter would have been my favorite falvor. Boy was I wrong. The brownie bar tastes like a dessert! Yum, give me more please.

After the gym I had to book it over to the salon, but not for me. Wishbone was in dire need of a bath. She was starting to smell like a frito chip. I know Kaitlin knows what I am talking about.
While waiting for her to be done, trips to cvs, the post office, the bank, and starbucks since it is right near my bank were accomplished. That left me with little time to prepare lunch. I ended up throwing together a quick salad. Roasted turkey for protein, carrots, tomatoes, and balsamic dressing.
Before I knew it Wishbone was done with her bath. She absolutely hates getting a bath and starts shaking once we walk into the salon. She was a rescue so she wasn't socialized to anything as a puppy. So she is beyond thrilled every time I pick her up. Since she was a little bit less crazy than usual and got a good report card, she got a special treat. A doggie ice cream in peanut butter flavor of course ;)
She licked that bowl clean and then tried to eat the cup. Sounds kind of like me when I eat fro-yo haha.
Then after sending two hours trying to fix a wifi problem with no luck, the boyfriend accidentally spilled a whole cup of ginger ale onto and into my coach bag. You guys know how much crap I have in there, so I dumped everything quickly onto the floor. The bag still feels a little sticky. Any tips for cleaning leather? It's black so I am not worried about it staining. I just don't want the lingering stickiness of soda...

What is your favorite protein bar?


  1. ugh! I hate when things spill on my bag! All I know about leather is use a cloth,Not a paper towel! And I've been seeing great things about these quest bars lately! I'll have to try them!

  2. Yay for Thursday!! That means it is almost Friday! ;)

    Isn't puppy dog ice cream SO fun? My dogs both love it, and it is hilarious to watch them eat it! :)

  3. I never new dog ice cream existed! Wait until I tell my dog haha. We have to take Alfie to the groomers like three times a year as otherwise he just looks such a mess. He really needs a cut soon but we just haven't got round to it...and it's still practically winter haha.

  4. Is that a puppy dog ice cream you buy just for dogs? Bentley gets frozen ice cubes made with chicken broth and peanut butter in the summer but I havent seen those. For the outside of the purse I would suggest a basic leather cleaner but I have no idea how you would clean the lining. I hope its not sticky for too long.

    1. Yup just for dogs. I usually buy this brand at PETsMART but have seen a diff. One at stop and shop

  5. omgoodness my dog would go crazy for that ice cream!!! Too cute.

  6. Cute pup! Sorry about your coach bag...maybe you could buy leather cleaner for it?

  7. Have you had the chocolate chip Quest bar yet?
    Uh, delicious.

  8. Sweet Wishbone! That is funny you say he smells like fritos. I swear Molly smells like popcorn when she needs a bath!


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