Thursday, April 11, 2013

Being Controversial On Marijuana

You guys may remember me mentioning that I had Monday off, well it was a good one. My mom actually took the day off from work so we got to spend it together, which is always fun!

After squeezing in a quick am workout, we both decided shopping was on our to-do list. My first stop was at NY & Company since they were having a major sale. I picked up a couple shirts for around $10 each (awesome). I bought the same shirt in four colors haha. I am super picky about clothes so when I find one that fits, I buy alot.

Next up was getting our nails done. I went with a hot pink bubble gum color on my toes and watermelon green for my nails.

The day wouldn't have been complete with a coffee run. I've been doing super well with my goal of cutting out my expensive latte habit. Just regular coffee is so cheap! I've been coming home and adding my own almond milk and stevia. For my online business class, we are discussing whether Starbucks is a monopoly. I was surprised that alot of people in my class are Dunkin Donuts people!
At school this week I've been sitting outside during my lunch breaks. The sunshine felt glorious. I even got to break out the flip flops.
On a totally unrelated note.....
There are a couple topics I never mention on the blog like religion, politics, or government. Those topics just tend to bring out the crazy in people. Today I am breaking my rules so please don't hate on me haha. I do want to talk to you all about one hot issue that's been getting passed in many states lately. And that is marijuana. Whether you support the legalization or not, it's a very controversial subject.

Anyway, the boyfriend's job is for NORML. He spoke at one of the major meetings last week that happened due to the recent NY bill about marijuana. I texted my grandparents to watch him on the news and this was their response.

Aw how cute! My grandparents are seriously the best <3 I had to blur out the town because I don't need any crazy people in my life haha.

Hope your Thursday is off to a good start!

**Questions-  Do you buy the same clothes in different colors or I am weird?
Are you a Starbucks or a Dunkin person?
Or if you're really daring, share your thoughts on marijuana (I'm not judging)


  1. It looks like you bought some great shirts! And yes, whenever I find a clothing article that I love I always buy it in multiple colors! So you are not weird...or if you are, then we both are! ;)

  2. I don't mind being controversial :) While I myself don't smoke, I have many friends that do, and I personally think that legalization of marijuana will make it easier to regulate and honestly, take away some of the thrill of it for kids who are just doing it because it's "bad." I also think that safety is important and people need to be realistic. Just like with alcohol (I also think the drinking age should be changed), people are going to experiment, and if we keep our heads in the sand, it allows marijuana to be sold by sketchy people who could be lacing it with PCP and god knows what else. If we regulate and legalize it in manageable amounts, we'll be much better off. Didn't we learn anything from Prohibition? #fail

    1. Thanks for being the first brave one woohoo! I agree with everything you said. The more it is illegal the more people try to get it.

  3. Since there are no Dunkin' Donuts in Minneapolis (sad face!) so Starbucks is my fav. However, whenever we go to Chicago, you better bet I'm drinking lots of Dunkin'!! As for Ms. Mary Jane... it's not for me at all but I have NO PROBLEM legalizing it for medicinal purposes. If someone is in so much pain - mentally or physically - and we have a substance that will help them, then my opinion is to allow them to use it and feel better! Love me or hate me... it's my opinion :)

    1. I agree. It sad that people who are suffering from horrible illnesses have to use narcotics that have a HUGE amount of side effects.

  4. I always layer plain tees or tanks (unless I'm dressed special) so I ONLY buy more than one and in the brightest colors! I am an Allan Brothers fan (the type of coffee my local drive thru buys!) I am not a fan of "fast food" coffee places, my favorites are always funky locally owned shops. I am neither for or against pot. I would like to tax it, but I'm sure there will be issues no matter which way states go. Fun day with your mom!

    1. Those local coffee places always have great hidden gems! Taxing pot would bring in a huge amount of revenue for the government.


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