Friday, April 5, 2013

Sweaty Elbow Elliptical Workout

Friday already? Now usually I am a big fan of Fridays and the weekend, but this week means I'm getting closer to going back to school and spring break is over. Isn't it always the fun weeks fly by meanwhile the boring ones drag on?

My eats have been literally ALL over the place the past two days. I don't just want one thing for lunch, but a little bit of that with a little bit of this...

Chocolate rice cakes I bought last week and finally broke in to them. Instead of eating them plain, I broke them into little pieces and made them into cereal.

 I can be a real cereal snob sometimes. With all the extra sugar and fake flavors, there's hardly any I eat. So my own "chocolate rice cereal" hit the spot with some unsweetened vanilla almond milk.
That didn't satisfy for me long. I quickly broke into a raspberry cottage cheese. Let's just say this is my new favorite flavor. Deeeeeelicious.
Besides just munching on carbs, I needed more protein. After being disappointed that I ran out of TJ's roasted turkey, I ended up with a tuna packet and some brown rice. Odd combination but it tasted good?
As for exercise? My hamstrings are sore from the elliptical yesterday. I did some new intervals which left my elbow dripping with sweat (hence the name). The intervals are: 4 minutes working hard, 3 minutes recovering. I repeated them for a 30 minute workout and called it a day.
As you can see I got a little "burst" happy today with the new feature on picmonkey. It just looks so cool.

A post gym Starbucks trip ended up happening thanks to my Easter gift. Since I'm trying to cut back on my extra calories. Well, let's be real. It's more like all the extra sugar, fat, and junk I don't need in my diet and shouldn't be eating. So I ordered an unsweetened passion fruit iced tea.
After gulping it down in .5 seconds (it was only a tall) I refilled it with my favorite unsweetened iced tea. This Tazo iced tea is so hard to find anywhere. Only one health food store by me carries it.
The plans today include spending some time with the boyfriend who's been mia lately due to his new job.

And.....leg day! Let's hope it's not a repeat from last week.

What are your plans for today? Anything fun this weekend?


  1. Love the idea of the rice cake cereal. I'm not a huge fan of cereal in general if I'm honest but this looks quite tasty.
    The name of your workout made me giggle as well. It's so true, the elbows always get sweaty haha.

    1. Yesss the chocolate makes this cereal!

  2. Rice cakes are awesome! I have yet to try a chocolate flavor, though. I love your idea of making them into a cereal. How creative! :)

    1. Def try the chocolate, it's the best!

  3. A student bought me that tea for a random present one day. I actually opened it for the first time yesterday, ironic!!

    1. I've been dying to try the citrus flavor!

  4. Rice cake cereal sounds interesting! I hope leg day goes well today!


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