Wednesday, April 3, 2013

WIAW-My New "Dessert"

Time for round 10 for What I Ate Wednesday. Thanks to Jenn for hosting!

Breakfast started with the usual oats plus two hard boiled eggs. I don't know what happened to my hard boiled eggs, but they did not peel right at all. When I was peeling the shells off, they completely took the white part of the egg and just left the yolk. I think I boiled them too long? I guess I am not a pro at boiling eggs.
Mid morning snack was peanut butter. Eaten straight out of the jar. I have no shame. It is best in it's purest form. Maybe I am the only healthy living blogger that does not like almond butter. It's gross and way too oily for me. Love my Skippy <3

My fridge has been loaded with prepped meat for the week so I added a big chunk of some grilled chicken onto a wrap with lots of greens.
I've been trying to avoid extra fats/sugar in my diet lately. So I drizzled balsamic dressing on to it and the wrap completely fell apart :( I ended up eating it with a knife and fork hah. What do you guys put on your sandwiches instead of mayo? I need suggestions!
Along with my wrap I might have forgotten to pick up fruit in this week's grocery run. So I had to improvise and found this frozen Dole blueberry cup in the freezer. These are good to throw in there for fruit emergencies!
Dinner ended up being really really good last night. Nothing too extravagant, but still really tasty. Smoked paprika chicken I prepped on Sunday. Broccoli with cheese (oh my goodness what a treat it is to have cheese since I usually buy the plain kind), brown rice and a sweet potato.
See how sad my sweet potato looks? I microwaved it for two minutes and it shriveled up into a little mess. I made sure to poke holes in it too. Next time I am going to try Emily's idea of baking them in the oven with a little lime juice. Sounds good right?!
Since my trainer no longer wants me to have yogurt at night, my new "dessert" and I say that very lightly because it really is no dessert at all is......MEAT! Haha-yes this will take alot of getting used to. I tried a healthy version of chicken salad. I chopped up 1 cup of fresh spinach leaves, baked spicy chicken, and 2 tablespoons of fat free Italian dressing.
Have a great Wednesday!

Almond butter- yay or nay?


  1. I'm with you...although I like almond butter, I'll pick peanut butter first ANY day. :)

  2. I love putting cream cheese on my sandwiches with turkey or chicken. Or cranberry sauce with turkey sandwiches. SO good. Very festive but I love it all year round hehe.
    Aww your little sweet potato does look very sad indeed hehe. But the meal looks good regardless.

  3. I'm def a peanut butter girl at heart! I like almond butter too, but it took awhile to get used to! I actually pour out some of the oil before stirring it, otherwise it's too oily for me too!

  4. Broccoli and cheese is SO darn good!! Yum :).

    Almond butter? Um, yes please!! I am currently obsessed with the crunchy variety :).

  5. No yogurt at night :( I love almond butter, especially the raw maple kind I got in a foodie pen pals box and have been buying ever since. That looks like the smallest sweet potato ever.

  6. All of your food looks so good :) I always have trouble with peeling eggs too

  7. Aw look at your poor sweet potato hehe.
    That sometimes happens with me and boiled eggs; its the most infuriating thing ever..what you should try and do is add 1 tbsp of baking soda/powder to the pan when you're boiling them and this helps the shells come off :)
    i don't mind almond butter..but i don't love it as much as PB..thats my fave <3

  8. mmmmm... I think peeling eggs depends on something, I forget what though. Maybe freshness of the egg.. my dad says it's whether you salt the water you boil them in or not. I have no idea. But I want eggs now, and Easter just passed!

    1. I usually don't salt the water so maybe that is why, thanks for the tip!

  9. i love peanut butter!!!! that wrap looks delicious!

  10. I much prefer PB! Your wrap looks delish :)

  11. Haha I definitely snack on peanut butter straight from the jar also, although I am an equal opportunity nut butter lover!


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