Monday, April 22, 2013

Only Me

*Hey all! Today is our last day in Denver :(  
We are off to eat breakfast and take a quick swim in the pool before our flight leaves. We are hoping we don't get delayed from the snow starting later here.

Oh my awkward life. These stories just didn't fit into any other post because I still just can't believe they happened.

Here's a tidbit of insight into the most awkward moments of my life, that often leave me thinking "only me".

1) Last month the boyfriend and I were out at a bar for a fundraiser for one of his friend's dad, who has cancer. So sad because the guy's dad is so young too. Anyway, I don't want to leave you all on a sad note. We ran into some people from high school (always awkward no matter how old you are) and some random girl was with them. She comes up to me and goes "I see you at the gym everyday. I use the elliptical and watch you walk around" I had absolutely no idea who she was and have never seen her there before. Kinda creepy and kinda flattering at the same time?

2) Besides food snacks in my purse, I always carry gum on me. I hate the feeling of eating and then not having clean teeth. It totally grosses me out. So I had one last piece left in a pack that you have to pop out. I was so relieved to have this last piece because I had a tutoring appointment after that and didn't want to be stuck with bad breath. As I went to pop it out of the pack, the piece of gum literally flew 5 feet in front of me and hit some guy in the back of the head haha. I couldn't even believe that just happened and there was no one else in the room so of course it had to hit him. He looked back at me with a weird look like why did you just throw something at my head. I explained to him sorry it was my gum, which resulted in an even nastier look. He thought I did it on purpose! After about one more awkward moment I just left the room.
(this was the culprit)

3)When I was driving on the highway a plastic bag was floating around in the sky. I joked with my mom that I hope it doesn't land on my car. Of course right after I said that the plastic bag landed right on the front of the hood. We both hoped it would fall off after a minute or turning a corner, but no such luck. I remembered my boyfriend telling me his uncle's car actually got ruined from a plastic bag getting lodged in the engine so by now I was worried! I had to pull off the highway and rip out the bag, which was halfway inside the hood.

5) I have a love/hate relationship with the glute ham raise machine at the gym. Yeah yeah, I know it's so good for your hamstrings, but it leaves my legs shaking. It's just such an awkward machine because you're up so high and your butt is all on display. Anyway, when I was training on it a couple weeks back, I didn't notice a sign was hanging directly above it. So when I came back up I bumped my head directly on the sign hanging from the ceiling. Ahhhhhhhh, I don't know why anyone would hang a sign directly above it? I mean, I'm on the short side too. Anyone a couple inches taller would have really crashed into it.

6) Being called a glutton when I eat pizza. Hehe is that a hint from the pizza place to back off my carbs?
 7) When Wishbone and I were in the car one day, my boyfriend turns and goes "You too look alike" UMMM, thanks? How do you respond to that haha? I took it as a compliment even though it was weird. He said it especially in this picture you can tell.
So you see all these "only me" moments happen to me quite frequently, but the best part is I can laugh about it. By focusing on the positive moments, my life is pretty marvelous!

Hoping your life is full of "only me" moments too?


  1. Hope you guys are LOVING CO! Have a safe trip back :D

  2. Hey love,

    Enjoy your last day in Denver and have safe travels too! <3

  3. That is just a little creepy! At least now you can spot her at the gym!

  4. A plastic bag ruining your engine would be horrible! Hope you enjoy your last day in Denver!!

  5. I can not stop laughing at your gym story. So awkward. Have you seen her at the gym since?

    1. No I haven't! Unless maybe I don't know it haha.

  6. Ha Ha, I can't stop laughing at both the gym, gum & your boyfriends "compliment" story! Too funny.


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