Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Health Update

So I haven't really mentioned my health in awhile since here. My symptoms have some-what disappeared, while others have been hanging around. Some days I will just come down with a migraine that no amount of advil will get rid of. My stomach issues have been kind of all over the place. Not sure what food has been setting it off? I'm sure my Easter sugar coma didn't help any matters.
(They're less calories if they are mini ones right?)
But back to the point. One thing I've noticed lately is halfway through my cardio I'll feel shaky, lightheaded, and dizzy. Almost like I'm going to pass out. I've tried doing light cardio like just walking instead of spin. Or limiting it to only 30 minutes instead of my usual 45 minutes. Either way it's still happening. Last year I had an issue with this where my doctor tested my blood sugar and it came back just on the borderline of being hypoglycemic. However, they re-tested it a month later and it was back to normal levels. My doctor recommended I eat more before my workouts and that seemed to help. For the past two weeks, it's come back in full force no matter what I eat before hand....

(love fresh strawberries)

Anyway, last Friday I trained quads with my trainer. Now I hate leg day to begin with, but I hate it even more training quads with him because he pushes me to my MAX. We started off my workout with 4 sets of weight one legged squats. No big deal, I was feeling strong. Then, after one set of weighted walking lunges, I almost threw up right on the gym floor. It's common even when I train by myself to get nauseous with lunges, they just seem to set my stomach off. However, this time was much worse than even when I first started lifting. It's pretty common to feel nauseous whenever starting a new weightlifting program. But last week was much worse and I haven't felt like that in over a year.

 (I had to keep reminding myself how much better I will feel after this workout)

After eating about twenty grapes to get my blood sugar back up, we continued to train. I went SUPER light, about what my usual warm up weight is for everything. One thing I am not is a quitter. I can almost throw-up, but still finish my workout like a beast.

He knows all about my strange health issues lately, but he started asking me more about the "feeling shaky" during cardio. My trainer seems to think that something is definitely up with my blood sugar levels since that should not be happening. Until I get more blood tests back from my doctor, he is upping me to 200grams of carbs a day every other day. (I'm currently eating 160g) At first, he wanted me to eat 250g!! Crazy, I know.
I gave him the "what the eff" face and he downed it to 200g. He assured me the only thing that would happen is I would gain a few pounds in water weight from all the carbs and bloat up a little. I'm not really a fan of that-is any girl? But hey, if it makes me feel better, then I will eat all the carbs in the world.

I had to ask him if anyone else has ever thrown up on the gym floor. He said no, but there's a first time for everything. That is one thing I do not want to be the first at ;)

So I guess I wanted to share this post with you guys to see if anyone else has ever had any issues like this?

*Question- What is your pre-workout snack/meal?


  1. I definitly get shaky if I don't eat beforehand. I've found that whole wheat toast with PB and banana is good fuel or greek yogurt with fruit and granola. I have to wait about 90 mins before working out though

  2. I generally workout in the evening after work, so I tend to go with a "healthy" protein bar or almonds. If I workout in the morning I usually eat a banana beforehand.

  3. I typically eat a piece of fruit and a Larabar about one hour before if I'm exercising in the afternoon. If my run is in the morning I'll have two whole grain waffles with peanut butter.

  4. Bananas! They are high in good vitamins, minerals, potassium especially so it helps with cramping and other muscle tightness and aches.

    I'm sorry you had a rough experience!

  5. The last training session I had I got really light headed and things were looking blurry, this used to happen to me a lot but hasn't in a long time. I have really low blood sugar and after fainting too many times in high school realized that as soon as I start to feel at all dizzy I need to sit down or lean against something. I also find that a spoonful of peanut butter, or now a gu chomp help me to feel better.

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