Thursday, April 25, 2013

Colorado Part 1


This week has been crazy since I got back trying to catch up on everything. Finally I can share some pictures with you guys...

Colorado Part 1:

The boyfriend and I traveled with our friends Jamie and Joe, who are newbies to the blog, for a jam packed weekend. We chose to stay at the Warwick hotel. We all agreed it was one of the nicest hotels we have all stayed at.

A king bed was a must!
Our outdoor patio had awesome views of downtown Denver. I was so excited by the time we finally got there and I survived the flight haha.

The outdoor rooftop pool was pretty awesome as well. Troy made it in there on Monday before we left, but I could only get in halfway. A tad bit chilly for me. I need a pool that is hot tub style haha.
Our first stop after checking out our hotel was to get food since ALL of us were starving. We discovered Cheba Hut sandwich shop. The sandwiches are seriously huuuuugge.
We left with leftovers as the boyfriend discovered a mustache vending machine haha. I crack up everytime I see this picture.
Of course we had to represent Amsterdam (the boyfriend went in November) and wear matching hats.
I didn't exactly say why we went to Colorado. I've mentioned Troy works for NORML before, and he had some work stuff to take care of in Denver for all the 4/20 celebrations that were going on since the legalization passed there. Anyway, the rest of us got a discounted price so we all went for the ride :)

Friday night was a little rough for me. Coming off of dramamine always gives me vertigo. Combine that with the high elevation and I just felt so dizzy. I took it easy while we explored one event which was the carnival. They had all concerts, food, glass vendors, and lots of hemp products.
I did try hemp ice cream. Unlike everyone else I was not a fan. Yuck!
As far as exercise goes....well I didn't really ever make it to the gym. But we did get a good hour of walking around and sightseeing everyday so that made up for it. Some of the buildings had such cool architecture.

We did manage to find gluten free pizza for dinner. I am impressed how many gluten free options Denver had. Long Island restaurants need to get on this! I did have a salad for lunch so I guess it balances out right?
The night ended pretty late after a Snoop Lion concert. Troy and I ended up leaving early before the end because we were wiped. Sadly, we missed all the balloons falling at midnight :(
Good thing we got some sleep because the next day was crazy! That's when the real celebrations started at the festival.

Part 2 will be up soon!

In other news-anyone else feel that spring is just flying by? I can't believe it's almost May already.


  1. I looooove king beds when traveling. All that room is so luxurious!

    Um, yes, where did spring go? Or for parts of the country, where is spring?

  2. Looks like a fun trip! I love Colorado-best state!

  3. Oooh king beds are a must! And that pizza... I'm drooling! Can't wait to read about the rest of your trip :)

  4. That pizza looks amazing!! Sometimes there really is nothing better than some good 'ole plain cheese pizza :).

  5. A rooftop pool sounds fun! I miss my beloved CO . . . can't wait to get back out there!

  6. I think all pools should be hot tub style. I have never been to colorado but would love to go! When we travel we normally just stay in a room with two doubles, I think we are used to sleeping in smaller spaces as Bentley normally takes up most of the bed anyways. That GF pizza looks so tasty!


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