Monday, April 1, 2013

I'm Quitting Blogging

Just kidding, April Fools! Haha I would miss you all too much!

Anyway, happy Monday! Hope all of you had a wonderful Easter filled with lots of jelly beans ;)
I'm sure most of you are back to work this morning, but my spring break has just begun. That means lots of wild and crazy adventures this week. Totally kidding haha. I am really the farthest thing from a party animal.This week will most likely consist of writing papers and doing some competition menu planning.

Linking up with Katie, let's talk about some marvelous things.

Some scenes from my weekend:

Absolutely gorgeous weather on Saturday. This type of weather makes me just want to read and relax by the water. I'm so lucky to live so close by to the beach. Can't wait for those beach days.
An Easter present from my boyfriend's mom. She knows me too well. Love my Starbucks.

Found an old Easter beanie baby. Anyone remember these things? This is kind of embarrassing, but I still have a whole box full of them. As you can see, I even had the "collector's" plastic covering for their tags. Gosh, I used to looooooove these. My favorite was the shark one!
Seeing retro candy boxes at Easter dinner. One candy I still love from the 90's are warheads, especially the extra super sour ones.
You know, just drooling over the cookie tray last night.
Babysitting Cooper for part of the day since the boyfriend was traveling for Easter. I'm sure he is very full from all the extra treats I was giving him :)

Catch you guys later!

**Questions for the morning- What was the best scene from your weekend? Mine was being able to enjoy this warm weather finally!
Did you believe my April Fools joke?!?



  1. I also had a heart attack when I read your title. Quitting blogging??! Is that even possible? ;) I'm easily fooled! Cooper is such a cutie, you are so lucky to babysit him. And I'm crazy jealous of your waterfront views. I need to relocate near a beach!

    1. Haha sorry to scare you! At least you have all the wonderful lakes in Minnesota!

  2. You got me! Ugh. Happy April Fools!

    I love that beanie baby. I used to have a ton. I am secretly still in love with them...

  3. Oh good Lord...that was a scary April Foods Day joke. You got me!!

    And that cookie tray...ohhhh man. I would love some of that right about now on this Monday morning :).

  4. I totally believed it! I was like I wonder why?!?!?! Happy to see it was April Fools! :)

  5. The best scene from my weekend was running a new PR at a 5K on Saturday - that, and my beautiful girls yesterday morning in their Easter dresses :)

    1. Congrats on the new PR! That's awesome. I used to love getting dressed up at Easter when I was young. My mom would even complete my look with a big Easter hat.

  6. Haha! I thought of doing an April Fool's post too today, but then decided against it. So fun! And that cookie tray looks delicious!

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  8. Not a funny title, I would miss your posts way too much! Starbucks sounds like the perfect Easter treat :)

  9. Cute puppy! I said "Whhaaat" when I read your first line. ha! My favorite scene from the weekend was beating up a kickboxing bag and then trying to do a headstand! It was fun!! Have a great day!

    1. Kickboxing gets all my anger out haha. I love it!

  10. I did not believe you!! You better never quit ;)

    LOVE jujubees! Oh my have not had in forever, they are good but get stuck in teeth!

    Glad you had a great easter love!

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