Monday, April 29, 2013

Christmas On Saturday

Ok I guess it really wasn't Christmas. But for Celiacs it pretty much was. In the worlds of another gluten free girl and my friend:

She said it best.

Mom went with me even though she doesn't have Celiac's. You'd never know it with the amount of gluten free food she eats that is mine! (Mom- if you're reading, sorry but it's true)

Upon entering each person was given a reusable bag to fill with all the goodies being given out!
So many vendors were there. Some of the main ones were Udis, Glutino, Schar, Glutenfreeda. They were making crepes filled with nutella!! Oh my goodness, these things were huge and looked amazing. My stomach was having an off day so I didn't try one. You can bet I will be replicating these at home ;)

Oh bread, how I miss you. It's one item I never ever buy from the food store. Sorry Udi's, your bread is full of holes. Literally just falls apart. So this ciabatta roll from Schar's booth was so good!
Can't forget about the beer haha! I'm not a big drinker by any means, but I did try a sip. It was a raspberry flavor by New Planet. I wasn't really a fan, but then again I didn't like regular beer back three years ago...
The best food had to be this rice ball. Hands down, tasted like regular. There was another ball that was stuffed with linguini, ham, and cheese. Can't even describe how amazing that thing tasted. I even went back for seconds. No shame haha.
Then I tried a spicy calzone bread thing. A little spicy, but still good.
Glutino's new gluten free pretzels, love them! Troy loves their pretzels too. He describes them as drier and crunchier, but he actually prefers them over regular.
For any local readers- Bare Naked bakery was there. I was so disappointed they didn't bring any cookies or bagels with them. If you live on long island, they have the best gluten free food.
I didn't leave empty handed.
 You can see I have alot of new products to try!
I did break into the graham crackers already and ate the whole pack. Yummy, they were nice and soft.

I'm off to do the school thing. Hoping I get in a spin class tonight since it's been forever.



  1. Looks like a lot of great vendors. It's so nice to sample items before you spend money on something!

  2. Looks like there were a lot of goodies to try! I think its nice to be able to try these GF foods in a sample setting. GF foods seem to be more expensive and it's not fun to buy a whole box of something just to realize you don't like it.


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