Tuesday, April 16, 2013

WIAW-Pancake Love

It's Wednesday already! Eeek, two more days until Colorado :)

With that trip coming up, so many of my nights have been filled with things to take care. So today's version will be What I Ate Wed Monday. Oh boy, do I have some goodies to show you guys!

Let's get right to it shall we?

Breakfast started off super early since I was in a rush to fit my workout in before 8:30. I can't get up any earlier than 6 to workout. How do you 5am workout people do it? As usual I went with my prepped overnight oats.

A nice handful of blueberries tasted so delicious on top.
As soon as I got home I downed a protein shake and got my butt in the shower.
On Monday we were getting new carpet put in the house, so I had to entertain Wishbone out of the house for part of the day. Whew. It is hard to come up with things to do for that long. We went for a beach trip. Anyway, I had prepped a chicken wrap, but didn't end up eating it. She literally would not leave me alone for five seconds and was giving me the stink eye (not to mention dog breath) when we arrived at the beach.
By the time I arrived home, I was starving. I wasn't in the mood for a full lunch by that point, so decided to have more of a "snacky" lunch. Some tuna on crackers satisfied me.
After spying pancakes on Melissa's blog earlier in the day, I was dying for them! They just looked so delicious and fluffy. The original recipe is from Julie. The only thing I changed was to add some protein powder into the mix. I doubled everything and froze the leftovers.
All I have to say is YUM! At first I wasn't too sure how the cottage cheese was going to taste in a pancake since I'm not a fan. But wow, you couldn't taste it at all. These pancakes are definitely going to be a regular dinner around here. Besides, what's not to like about healthy pancakes?
***Questions for you- Are you a pancake or a waffle person? I love pancakes. Waffles I can easily pass up.

How do you get your pancakes to come out in a perfect circle? Mine never do haha!


  1. I love making my protein pancakes, they are so good with blueberrie and pecans! Usually they are a semi circle :)

  2. I'm definitely much more of a pancake over waffle type of gal! ... which thank you for this post because it reminded me that I need to make a batch soon!! It has been way way to long.

    Two days until CO... eh how exciting! Your almost there girl :)

  3. I love pancakes! I hope you get to eat the leftover chicken wrap today, it looks really good!

  4. I could actually pass on both, if I could have oatmeal instead. :) But if those were my only choices, I'd probably go for a waffle. The nooks and crannies are fun. :)

  5. I love waffles, but never make them. If I can find GF waffles when I go out to breakfast I have to order them :) At home I make pancakes once in a while, and I may have to add those to the list of pancake recipes I have to try!

  6. I actually LOVE waffles but I never eat them- I make a lot of protein pancakes... they are just so much easier.

  7. Love pancakes, best breakfast!

  8. Mmmm overnight oats= happy me. :) Love the berries on yours!


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