Friday, August 16, 2013

Fun Facts Friday

1. Last week I finally used my Dunkin Donuts free birthday coffee. I told the employee all I wanted was a medium iced coffee, but he insisted he give me an extra large. Seriously, who needs that much coffee? The thing was as big as my head!
2. Anyone else not always melt their cheese, but just layer it over their burger? I was lazy and didn't feel like putting it back on the grill to melt. So I left it like this and it was tasty not melted!
3. I've been snacking on Julie's double chocolate protein balls, but mine look like poop haha! I think the gluten free flour changed their shape and consistency. They look gross but are good!
4. Anyone ever try Heinz's American sauce?! I saw it on Instagram and now I need to find this. I am a ketchup lovaaaaaa so I bet I would be a fan of this.
5. My nails are finally growing now that I painted them this crazy color.
 Love how metallic and shiny it is! It dried super fast too.
6. When I make my coffee at home I love watching the milk dissolve into it. The colors always create really cool looking designs. Anyone else as weird as me? Probably not haha.
7. This picture cracked me when I saw it online haha! Too funny.
8. And if you want to hear from me twice today, head over to Nicole's blog where I am guest posting for her. I wrote about things I wish I knew before I started weight-lifting.

Today is going to be spent in the kitchen doing lots of cooking and baking so look for some recipes next week!

Happy Weekend!

Have you ever tried American sauce?
Melted or not melted cheese on food?
Would you eat something that looks like poop?


  1. I've never tried American sauce.....looks interesting.

    All those iced coffee pictures makes me want one myself!


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