Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Healthy Sweet And Sour Chicken

For some reason I have a really hard time eating vegetables at lunch time. Dinner? No problem it's pretty standard they're on my plate in some form. But lunchtime, it grosses me out. I would rather have a side of fruit than string beans.

Ever since I was diagnosed with Celiac's (3 years ago now) one of the foods I miss is real Chinese food. Ordering steamed chicken and veggies for takeout is just not the same.

Yesterday I couldn't get Chinese food out of my head. This lead me to create an at home healthy version of sweet and sour chicken. It doesn't have the coating that the real version has, but the flavor tastes the same.

I cut up chicken into chunks that I already had prepped, added some broccoli pieces, and half a cup of brown rice.
I tossed it all together with some fat free Italian dressing. Yum now this is a way I can get my Chinese food fix and sneak some veggies into my lunchtime meals.

On the side I enjoyed some Enjoy Life crispy chips. Their consistency reminded me of those Chinese chips that they always add to your takeout order.
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***What is your favorite Chinese food?  Before I went gluten free general tso chicken was my ALL time favorite. Even though it is crazy high in calories, it is so delicious!


  1. I love sweet and sour chicken balls and beef fried rice - YUMMY

    1. Fried rice is so so good! Addicting but good lol.

  2. I love the idea of adding those chips into Asian dishes! They totally look like the Chinese take-out chips!


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