Thursday, August 15, 2013

Low Carb Pizza + Upper Body At Home Workout

Happy Thursday!

Woot woot one more day until the weekend.

You guys are never going to believe this. Not only did I get a workout in on Monday, but got another in on Wednesday. Who is the girl right now? After being told no to so many exercises, my workout motivation was slowly dwindling down. For right now it's back!

I never do at home workouts so it was nice to skip the gym (and the weird stares haha) and workout in my pajamas. No judging!

All you need are some free weights. I used a kettlebell for some exercises too but not necessary.
Yesterday's upper body routine:

Upright Rows  
Push Ups        
Tricep Extension 
Seated Bent Over Flys 
Bicep Curls       
Seated Side Raises

I completed 3 sets of each then moved onto the next exercise. I followed it up with 10 minute light ab work.

Last Night's Dinner

After scrolling through recipes for pizza ideas, I came across Kierston's low carb pizza. A healthy version of one of my favorite foods? Count me in!

The finished results did satisfy my pizza craving with chicken, tomatoe sauce, and garlic on top....
But I wouldn't say it tastes juuuuust like pizza. Just like I think healthy versions of cookie dough do not taste like the real thing, or banana soft serve tastes like fro-yo, etc....
It was a healthy and delicious dinner I would make again next time a pizza craving strikes ;)

***When you want something sweet do you try to create a healthy version or just go for the real indulgence?


  1. I made some Paleo Protein Brownies a few weeks ago. They actually tasted like regular brownies. I was impressed.

    1. Oh nice! Brownies are a fav of mine.

  2. I don't think its "healthier" just cause its low-carb. Healthy CAN include an actual grain...know what I mean?

  3. that one looks really delicious, can you also make a blog about upper body workout


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