Monday, August 5, 2013

Garage Sales

Well it was a pretty low key weekend over here thanks to the whole knee situation. But that didn't stop me for getting out of the house!

Not to much to report on Saturday besides the usual food shopping. Troy and I did have delicious takeout though.Swell Taco for us! Everytime we get this place I'm always thinking two tacos is not going to fill me up. And then I am stuffed by the time I am done with them. They may  look tiny, but they are stuffed with goodies in there.
We were both up early Sunday morning so we headed to our Farmer's Market. We were both totally disappointed! There was only one produce booth which was crazy expensive. Most of the booths were either pastries I couldn't eat or rice pudding. Ehhh we weren't fans. I guess that's what happens when you live near hardly any farms.

We did manage to find a couple good buys somewhere else though- garage sales! There were tons yesterday so we spent the morning driving around. Of course I made sure we drove past my favorite spot ;)
One of those good buys was this bamboo place mats with chopsticks. I could totally see myself breaking this out next time we get sushi for dinner.
Troy's nieces were visiting so we spent the rest of the afternoon babysitting them. After swimming, pizza for dinner, and cleaning up we were exhausted. The girls wore us OUT. By the time we got them settled down for all us of to watch a movie, even Cooper was a tired man. Coop didn't even care if he had to share couch space haha. Can you spot him in the photo below? Such a goofball.
Even though it was much harder to get around on crutches, it was much better than being stuck feeling sorry for myself in the house doing nothing. I truly do believe in the power of positive thinking and that you create your own happiness. This weekend I was happy and having fun. Hope your weekend was just as marvelous!
Question for you- What is the best item you've ever found at a garage sale?

All of you know I am obsessed with Wishbone so I found a dog statue that looked exactly like her. It was of a dog running in the snow and the exact same coloring.


  1. How is it that tacos are SO darn good? I am pretty sure I could eat them multiple times per week and never tire of them. Maybe because there are so many different combos/possibilities?

    1. I love ALL tacos too! For me the salsa is what makes the taco.

  2. Good for you for being active!! Nothing worse than feeling sorry for yourself. I always find farmer's markets so expensive. I try to buy local but sometimes it just isn't in my budget!

    1. Me too. Spending $6 on blueberries is crazy to me!

  3. Great job on getting out with the crutches & not feeling sorry for yourself. Ugh, that's the worst when you go to a farmer's market & there is minimal veggies & fruit! I always used to get frustrated by that, but luckily where I live now there are tons of veggies.
    Hope the knee feels better soon!!! :)


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