Monday, August 26, 2013

Relax, Relax, Relax

Sometimes you just need a weekend where you get nothing productive done. This weekend was that one. The theme was relaxation and it was marvelous!
Saturday started out as a gorgeous day, perfectly sunny and no humidity. The weather was still hot so I headed to the beach. It was my first time going since my the fracture in my knee. I left my brace and crutches in the car so they wouldn't get ruined with sand. I make sure to walk really slow and we sat super far back.
Mom and I stayed for a long time so I got halfway through the final book in the Seasons of Grace Series by Beverly Lewis. Once I finished book one I needed to know how the story ended. I hate leaving off on a cliff-hanger.
After having a carb overload at the beach I was craving something healthy for dinner. So Troy and I ate a quick meal at Panera. Of course I got my favorite salad.
He got his usual mac & cheese. But I really just go there for those delicious crunchy chips ;)
Sunday ended up being another gorgeous day so I knew right away I wanted to spend it outside. In the morning I sipped my coffee down at the water. It's very nice to start off the morning with a little downtime instead of worrying about a to-do list.

We could all use more relaxation in our daily lives I think...

Since I sat by the water longer than I planned, I was starved once I got home. I quickly made two eggs over easy on a wrap. It is SO nice not to just eat egg whites anymore. Lemme tell ya I was getting sick of them everyday.
For exercise I did about 30 minutes worth of my swimming routine. It feels good just to move around. Even though I can't do any other form of cardio, it feels good to at least do something.
The evening ended on a sweet note with some leftover chocolate chip cookies from my mom's birthday. I ate them while watching the VMA's. After five minutes and them showing different celebrities, I had no idea who half of them were. I felt so old haha!
Happy Monday friends! Hope you guys have a great week.

Since I neglected my to-do list over the weekend, it's time to tackle it today!


  1. You live near a beach? How lucky! Where do you live? Also, what is your favorite salad at Panera? I want to try one. Are the dressings gluten free?

    1. I live on Long Island so I'm lucky the beaches are close by. My fav salad is the chicken Cobb salad and the dressing it comes with is gf.

  2. What a pretty view!! I love relaxing outside with a nice scenery in the background.


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