Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Homemade Iced Coffee

Well it's Wednesday which I am super stoked about since Troy and I have some fun plans in the city for today! But I guess we should get to the point of this post since it is What I Ate Wednesday and everything :)

Coffee first please! That is what I was thinking yesterday morning when I woke up. Combine a long to-do list, doctor appointments, and cleaning, I need my coffee first!

I think I've finally got the magic secret down to making good tasting iced coffee at home. 
Add double parts coffee grinds, regular parts water, and about 10 iced cubes...and you've got quality coffee without the watery taste.
Along with some peanut butter overnight oats, I ate two hard boiled eggs for some extra protein.
All I could think about yesterday was cheese, cheese, and more cheese. This non stop craving resulted in a cheese quesadilla for lunch. I stuffed some chicken and a tomato on its way out inside my tortilla wrap.
 Served alongside with a cup of cold grapes. Perfect on a hot day.
We ended up visiting family for dinner last night and I was so happy I could eat everything! So my plate literally includes everything on the table haha. There was tuna salad, crab salad, avocado, carrots, hard boiled eggs, romaine salad with tomatoes, turkey, all different types of cheeses, and gluten free crackers. Yum!
I could eat this meal everynight for dinner.

***What's one meal you could eat every night?


  1. Is that a rice tortilla? Yum!! I love those :).

  2. Sadly...mine would be I love that stuff waaayyy to much

  3. All that food looks so good! I love reading about what you eat. :D

  4. Everynight, I have my greek yogurt and granola. Lately, I've been adding a protein shake to the mix.

  5. Ashley, this is such a hard question! There is so many meals that I could eat every day without getting tired! But I'd say sushi, corn on the cob, corn chowder and veggies pizza! Oh, does ice cream count as a meal?! Lol

  6. The only way I can drink iced coffee from home is if I make it in my cold brew Toddy system. I've tried brewing it then refrigerating it but it never tastes right. The Toddy works great!


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