Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Upper Body Workout

Monday was my first day back to the gym and it was interesting! It was kind of weird being back there and not fully being able to workout. I was feeling apprehensive at first and thought let me just get this over with!

If you ever want attention while you are working out just put on a leg brace. After getting over all the awkward stares, I got down to business.

Upper Body Workout

Tricep Machine Pushdowns  x 4
Barbell Chest Bench Press    x 4
Dumbbell Shoulder Press      x 4
Narrow Grip Lat Pulldown    x 4

It doesn't sound so bad, but after 40 minutes my upper body was done. This workout hits your triceps, chest, shoulders, and back. Nice and effective!


While working on lunch I snacked on these Nut Thins crackers with classic hummus. They are the perfect mix of salty, but not too salty.
I'm still working on getting egg yolks back into my macros. Since I didn't have my peanut butter smoothie, I had some extra fats to make up for it. Egg yolks it was!
They were nice and drippy just the way I like them. On the side were extra egg whites for protein, but I ended up too full to eat them.

My stomach has been all kinds of crazy lately. One day I'll be starving then fill up really quick. Or I have no appetite at all. I am thinking drinking too much seltzer is to blame. Too much always upsets my stomach.

***Question- What is your favorite type of eggs? 
I loooooove over easy. But if we are to get super fancy I would go with eggs Benedict. I love all of that sauce.

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  1. I prefer egg whites omelette style! YUM!


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