Monday, August 12, 2013

Meet The Face Of.....

This is the face of serious garage sale hunters....
Okay maybe not, but we did put on our bargain shopping shoes on Saturday to head to about 10 garage sales.

I love the picnic basket we found!
The thing is huge! I love how it comes with the spots to hold the dishes and tons of room if you remove the tray with the cups. Next time we take Cooper to the park we can bring this for our snacks.
Saturday was a full shopping day, before the garage sales we headed to Buy Buy Baby to find a gift for Troy's sister's baby shower. I feel like she just announced she was pregnant!

We hard a hard time deciding. Both of us have no idea about baby stuff and were way too immature looking at all the funny stuff there. We couldn't believe how expensive some items are. Like a $400 stroller?! Are they kidding?

So we ended up picking her a toy seat that the baby can use from 7 months to 4 years old. It changes from a seat, a tray table, and a booster seat. I figured this is good so she can get alot of use out of it! And we got his niece a ton of clothes since there is a crazy sale going on at the Children's Place.
Is this sun dress not adorable?! I wish it was in my size haha!

As far as food goes you saw the uh-maaaaazing penne with ala vodka sauce I had over the weekend. Since that night was carb overload, I figured I better balance it out with some salad. I was quite impressed with all grilled chicken the place gave me! Now this is my type of salad with lots of protein.

This weekend I got to spend lots of quality time with the boyfriend so that is always marvelous to me!

**Question for this morning- What is your favorite salad topping? After chicken, mine would be feta cheese. It's something I never buy at home, but I love the way it tastes so I usually order it when out.


  1. That picnic basket is adorable! And baby shopping? Yes! So expensive! We felt guilty registering when we were expecting a baby, but some stuff you just really need, haha :)

    Looks like a great weekend!

    1. Def. true. I think we both just shocked at how expensive everything really is!

  2. Chicken or Turkey...and peached and cream corn

  3. I love the picnic basket. I saw one like that recently at a flea market and I should have bought it while I had the chance. Good find!


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