Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Swimming Cardio Workout

Good morning my favorite readers!

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous around these parts for the past couple of days. I couldn't let another sunshine day go to waste so I headed outside for the majority of yesterday.

Pool time it was!
Since my doctor said no exercise at all, I wanted to at least move a little bit. So I came up with this swimming workout for 30 minutes. Obviously I was going alot slower and not putting any weight on my bad knee, but it was still intense. This left me out of breath a few times!
The tricep dips were done against the ladder, but you could also do them against the pool side. Here are some links if you're not familiar with the strokes.
Butterfly Stroke
Side Leaps

After that workout for me I was more than ready for lunch. I quickly packed up a little snack style lunch to enjoy on the deck. Some rice crackers with hummus for dipping, raspberry chobani yogurt, and red grapes. (<---grapes are only $.99 a lb at Stop and Shop this week!)

While I was swimming away, Wishbone gets her exercise by running around the deck 5,000 times. She cools off by swimming in her baby pool like Cooper. That is as far as she will venture down the ladder.
All of that earlier running completely zonked her out. Not only did she fall asleep right on my foot...
But also right on top of my flip flop. Not exactly the most comfortable position, but she was d-o-n-e.

All this talk about food got me hungry. Time to go fix myself some breakfast!


  1. I am loving the swimming workout. I used to be on swim team and I really need to get back into the water for some of my workouts!

  2. Swimming is such a nice way to workout when you're injured! It's so great to see that you still found ways to exercise even with your knee out of the game! Grapes are on sale at 0.99$/lb here too and I can't stop myself from buying them! I've already been to the grocery store 3 times this week for that ;)

    1. Yes I love swimming. I wish my gym had a pool!

  3. swimming is a tough workout! I was trying to swim some when I wasn't able to run this spring and it always left me out of breath. Be careful with your knee! I know there isn't the concussion when in the pool but it could still move things around where it shouldn't. Silly Wishbone doesn't know all the fun happens out in the deep water!


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