Friday, August 9, 2013

Feeling Injured

Well when I first sprained my knee I never would have thought it was something more serious.

When I went to the orthopedic the other day they took more x-rays and looked at the MRI results. I found out I have a fracture in my knee bone and meniscus erosion, but not a tear. How in the world did I ever do this?! I have absolutely no idea!

The nurse explained that this is usually common in long-time runners. Or a person with a leg injury and then it develops into this. It's very strange and random!

The bad news is that it could take anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months to heal. And I have to wear the huge knee brace at all times along with my crutches. The good news is I can still workout my upper body as long as I put no weight on my injured knee. So at least I can do something, of course with lots of modification. Anything is better than nothing!

At first I was feeling frustrated that this all happened since I love exercising, walking outside, and we had to cancel our white water rafting trip...but then I realized for whatever reason I am meant to slow down. I think everything happens for a reason and this also further confirms that I was not meant to do the figure competitions in September.

Walking around the city yesterday on crutches I would not recommend to anyone! Just walking 1 block from where the cab dropped us off felt like 100. I was so exhausted from the day that is my exercise for the week! haha.


I actually skipped my oats!! For the first time in probably six months I switched up my breakfast. What can I say I like the same thing? Smeared peanut butter and jelly on warm toast. Mmmmm deeeeelicious.
Happy weekend everyone!
I hope I make it to the movies since there are some I want to see.
Anyone see We're The Millers or Grown Ups 2?


  1. Omg!! Feel better. You are right everything happens for a reason. That is great you will still be able to workout, just be careful :)

    1. Yes I'll be going super slow at the gym with lots of low weight.

  2. ooohhh...I want to see The Millers - but have not yet....

  3. I am having meniscus problems as well! I have to ask, what is "meniscus erosion"?

    1. They said its different than a tear. It usually occurs when two bones come together and rub against each other. It's common when you have an injury and not know about it. They kept asking me if I was having pain way before this but no pain for me. Very strange!

  4. I hope you feel better soon! I'm so, so sorry about your bum knee :(


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