Friday, August 23, 2013

Mom's 48th. Birthday

Cheers to my Mom's 48th. birthday yesterday!
Every birthday should start off with a grande latte in my opinion. As you can kind of see in that picture, the morning started off pouring. So our plans for a beach day vanished quickly.

After staying in our pajamas for half the day lounging around, we finally got around to baking. Gluten free chocolate chip cookies! Side Note:{My mom does not have Celiac's, but she doesn't mind baking gluten free so I can have some} Betty Crocker makes a good mix. If I'm being honest I just wanted to bake them for the dough...I mean that's the best part anyway ;)
We had originally planned to go to the beach restaurant since their lobster is just delicious. But the weather was still cloudy in the afternoon so we decided not to chance going outside for dinner. Instead a pizza party!
Then it was present time. Mom got lots of Starbucks gift cards so I am hoping she will share some of that wealth with me haha ;)
She had a huge cup to celebrate the evening with too!

The cake we baked was also Betty Crocker's. It was my first time trying the brand's gf devil food cake, and it was yummy! All of my gluten eating family loved every bite.
My plate had a big piece of cake, a cookie, and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Is that not the weirdest scoop of ice cream you've ever seen?! It totally unraveled on my plate. Odd shaped food always cracks me up haha!

It was a very fun birthday indeed! Our outside dinner plans got rescheduled for Saturday so I am crossing my fingers that the weather cooperates this time.

Any fun plans for you this weekend?! I am hoping to get to the beach one more time before the summers over!

Are you a cake or ice cream person? Both for me!

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