Friday, July 5, 2013

And I Just Ran Past A Cow

Happy Friday everyone. Cheers to a long weekend :)

1. How do people workout at 5am?! Seriously I got up at 4:30 and by 7 I couldn't keep my eyes open. Plus I was ready for lunch by 10:30 haha. I think I ate about 7 meals the other day instead of my usual five. Major props to early morning workout birds. It's tough waking up that early.

2. Pennsylvania is the only place you see goat's milk in hand & body lotion. For the record it actually felt really smooth on your hands and nice. However the $13 dollar price tag wasn't so nice.

3. I know that while I was on a walk outside our hotel I passed a cow haha! That would never happen on Long Island. Mom and I named her Betsy.
4. The National Christmas store is so bad for my wallet. I just LOVE all the ornaments. I really went there on the hunt for more pieces to add my to my Christmas village, but sadly they just had ornaments.
5. It feels so peaceful here without all the traffic, cars, and people. Don't get me wrong, LI is great, but everything is so fast paced and busy. Maybe that's why I love this part of PA so much, it's just pretty dang relaxing.

6. I know that Wishbone has been extra feisty lately. The other day she chewed up a blanket while in her crate. She managed to pull it down into it and shred it into tiny tiny pieces.
7. I finally beat level 79 in Candy Crush. Woo hoo. I had no idea the game goes up to the 300's.

**Would you love a whole Christmas store? Christmas is by far my favorite holiday and December is the best time of the year.

**What's the weirdest thing you've ran past?


  1. Sometimes at my old job I used to have to wake up at 3:15 to be there at 4 a.m. It was brutal!! But not that I have my first "big girl" job, I am on the consistent 8-5 schedule. This is great, but it almost means that my body is usually ready to wake up by about 7 even on the weekends.

  2. Love your pics! The early workouts can be rough, but you get used to them. Plus you feel so accomplished by 7am! :)

  3. Running past a cow would be interesting! I'm not good at early morning workouts, I have a hard time getting up and then am usually hungry the rest of the day. I think the worst thing I have ran by is two dead squirrels. It was so nasty!

  4. what a relaxing place to be! I like the idea of no traffic and being out running passed cows :)

  5. I love Christmas stores because I LOVE the Christmas season. I even have a cat named Christmas. :) I live in PA and lots of my long runs take place out in the country. I love passing cows, goats, alpacas, you name it.


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