Thursday, July 25, 2013

New Products Lately

Lately I've been trying so many new products, thought I would share some with you guys!

Dread Head Chef salsa from my Colorado trip. Strawberry mango is a flavor you rarely see, but it's a yummy combo. It's sweet and spicy. I've been loving it on top of toast or tortilla chips.
Okay this isn't a new product for many people, but it's new to me. Usually I'm not a fan of granola, but I love the cranberry oatmeal clusters in there. Beware it is addicting!
Drew's garlic and peppercorn dressing is SO tasty. If you are a fan of garlic, you will love this one. I've been pouring dumping it on salads, chicken, and dipping veggies in it.

Not too sure how I feel about these Sweet Leaf stevia drops. They're no calories and naturally sweetened with stevia and vanilla. However I do feel like these have a little bit of an after taste to it. So I've been adding just one or two drops to my iced coffee. In this case more is less, these drops are strong. They weren't exactly bad, but I wouldn't say there were great. Maybe a different flavor would taste better.
I posted this on Instagram the other day. Holy crap, how does Tribe hummus make this taste like an everything bagel?! Seriously I will be really sad if this flavor doesn't become a regular. No more limited batches of this. This is AMAZING.

My plan for today includes some laundry, catching up on The Challenge since I fell asleep too early, and hopefully returning my broken Keurig machine. Catch you guys later!

**What's a new product you've tried lately?

**Whats something you love that I need to try?


  1. That salsa sounds awesome!! I LOVE salsas with fruit in them. I really enjoy the balance between spicy and sweet.

  2. A hummus that tastes like an everything bagel? I need to find this!

  3. that salsa sounds incredible. spicy/sweet is right up my alley! i need to find that hummus, too.

  4. That salsa sounds delish...the one I used last night was peach's got a spicy kick to it

  5. I absolutely LOVE hummus! I have been trying a bunch of different chobani yogurts lately. Definitely some I like and don't like.

  6. I NEED to find that hummus!! :-)

  7. What great finds, I swear America has the absolute BEST food products! That hummus.. I don't even know where to begin!


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